Do you hear terms like “tech” and “coding” and wonder if these descriptors that are becoming more common place by the day will have anything to do with your child one day? Computer Science as a field is projected to grow by 14.6% by 2031 according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Skills required in the field of computer science translate to all fields - skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity are all strengthened by coding. Coding camps for elementary students are beneficial for your child’s overall development, future success, and a fun way to learn how to create and invent virtually while cultivating a passion for learning.

Explore Coding Camps for Elementary School Students

Let's take a look at some coding camps that can help elementary schoolers develop a passion for computer science and lifelong learning. This award-winning elementary school coding curriculum is designed by experts from Google, Stanford and MIT, equips students with the skills to build their own virtual creations, master a variety of computer programming languages, and develop higher order thinking skills.

Learning computer science is like learning a foreign language; the sooner you start learning computer science concepts the more you retain as you grow older. That isn’t to say that you can’t learn computer science at any point in your life, this is a field that everyone is encouraged to be apart of whenever they’re able, but joining a coding camp for elementary school students sets up children for success in the STEM field and beyond. Coding camps are setup to be consecutive days in a row during school breaks, for instance our winter camps and summer camps are great opportunities to explore a wide array of subjects. Schedules vary over different times and days to give you the opportunity to find what works best for your family’s calendar.

We recommend starting with foundation camps, choosing intermediate camps based on interests, and completing advanced camps for ambitious learners.

Top Free Coding Camps for Elementary Students

Create & Learn was founded in 2017 with the mission to equip children with the STEM, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills they need to succeed in life. After co-founder Jessie Jiang sent her daughter to many acclaimed tech camps and saw the lack of systematic learning and qualified teachers, she collaborated with co-founder Yuanzong Qiu to create a platform that provides cutting-edge computer science education to students around the world by meeting them where they’re at with a wide range of classes for all skill and age levels. Instructor applicants are vetted by Jessie to ensure that only the most knowledgeable and nurturing teachers are chosen to work with your child. Create & Learn coding camps for elementary school students are special because they provide top-notch learning in an engaging and fun environment.

If your child doesn’t have any prior coding experience we highly recommend that they start with Scratch coding. Scratch coding is an intuitive platform made by MIT for kids to learn the basics of coding. With Scratch coding, students use drag-and-drop blocks to create stories, games, and animations. Scratch coding is the perfect way for students new to coding to start because it provides them with the technical foundation needed to learn a variety of more advanced programming languages while not inhibiting creativity, and increasing the likelihood that students will continue coding.

If your child is in elementary school, there are also many free coding camps to try first, to see what sparks your child’s interests!

1. Free Scratch Coding

Free Scratch Ninja is the ideal place to start not only laying the groundwork for learning to code, but is also a good way to gauge whether or not your child is interested in coding. In this free class students learn the basics of how to use the Scratch Coding interface, and build a fun game of their own. Students will also collaborate with other students and enjoy viewing the class's creations in addition to their own.

2. Free Creative Minecraft Building

This free Minecraft class is a fun way to start learning how to create one of the most powerful elements in Minecraft - Redstone. This class features a series of engaging activities and puzzle-solving to learn how different rare power sources can be used to power blocks in Minecraft in different ways. Along with learning how to start creating more advanced Minecraft structures, students also get a taste of what the rest of this unique Minecraft class has to offer.

3. Free Beginner Roblox Coding

Does your child love the ever popular Roblox platform? Translate their love of playing Roblox games into learning how to make Roblox games of their very own in this fun class! This class is designed for students who have not had any prior experience with Roblox Studio, and includes a tutorial on how to install and activate the platform. Students will get to build an interactive game with different shapes, colors, and materials, and get a feel for what the full Beginner Roblox Game Building course is like.

*Please note completion of Scratch Ninja 4 or equivalent Scratch coding classes are a prerequisite.

4. Free AI Explorers

This unique AI (artificial intelligence) class is geared towards elementary school students in grades 4+. Take this fun free class to start learning about cutting-edge AI applications, partake in engaging group discussions, and create a project with a hands-on approach. This class follows the same format as our full AI Explorers course, and introduces knowledge about AI that can be used for practical application in our society where AI is becoming increasingly important and commonplace.

5. Free Python

This free class is designed for students who are interested in sampling what it’s like to learn the advanced programming language, Python. In this exciting class students will make the transition from block-based coding learned in Scratch, to text-based coding. Students will learn how to animate, draw, and build a project in Python with guidance from one of our expert teachers.

*Please note that extensive prior coding experience in a platform like Scratch is required to take this class.

Top Coding Camps for Elementary School Students

Sampling a computer science subject through one of our excellent free classes is a great way to get a feel for what your child is interested in, but in order for them to gain a true understanding and the skills to practically apply what they've learned it’s important to complete an actual camp. Create & Learn camps provide the highest caliber curriculum and instruction with small class sizes that typically range from 3-5 students. The curriculum for each class is thoughtfully developed to ensure that coding for kids is taught in a fun and supportive environment while still keeping in mind the standard expected for those who choose to pursue this career field. Camps are scheduled over a variety of days and start at different times to best suit your schedule. You also have the option to create your own camp if desired.

1. Scratch Ninja

The full Scratch Ninja course is the optimal way to introduce students to coding and get them more interested in how it works. In this interactive camp students learn the basics of how to code games and animations with drag-and-drop coding blocks. Not only do students gain a foundation in coding, but also are encouraged to think critically and imbue their projects with their creativity.


Is your child fascinated by space exploration and NASA? Does your child wonder about things like how much a person weighs on Mars, or why satellites don’t fall? NASA STEM Club is the perfect space (pun intended) for students to learn about exciting space topics like rockets, Mars, the International Space Station, and much more! In each session of this fun class students build projects and play games to further immerse students in hands-on learning.

3. Budding Digital Artist

This fun class brings out your child’s inner artist through encouraging their imagination and creativity with digital art. In this exciting digital art class students learn a wide array of techniques to create unique projects like learning color theory, how shapes and colors interact through the concept of synesthesia, stop motion animation with Legos, and much more! Craft a new creation in every session of this class, and don’t worry about the cleanup - it’s all online.

4. Minecraft Redstone Engineering

Dive into the full course on how to use the rare and powerful element of Redstone to engineer impressive inventions. This one-of-a-kind camp teaches students not only about engineering techniques that work in Minecraft, but also real-world engineering concepts like circuits, how computers work, and more. Sign your child up for this class to have fun in Minecraft and develop their interest in the possibilities of engineering!

5. Pokemon Game Building

In this unique class students learn to leverage their love of Pokémon to build their own special computer science games! Your child will learn how to create, catch, care for, and play games with Pokémon of their choice while learning foundational game-building concepts along the way. Fun features students learn to use in this class include how to use their computer’s video camera to interact with their characters, how to code dynamic two-player games, and much more.

6. Minecraft Modding Quest

In this thoughtfully designed Minecraft Modding class students have the opportunity to learn a wide range of coding concepts in the exciting world of Minecraft. This class employs Minecraft: Education Edition which is built on top of the regular Minecraft game to teach kids coding and STEM skills. Students will solve puzzles, build their own puzzles, build advanced structures, and build narrative games - all in Minecraft!

7. Junior Robotics

Enter the fascinating world of robotics, virtually! Learn the basics of VEX Code and programming in 3D, learn how to use sensors, and make robots transport objects in this exciting class. This class uses a hands-on, project-based approach to learning robotics in a fun and supportive environment.

8. Beginner Roblox Game Building

This Roblox camp is the only of its kind to teach Roblox coding without the complicated game development tool, Lua. Instead, students code through a block-based coding platform similar to Scratch to set them up for success for more advanced Roblox coding classes. This Roblox coding class is more effective for younger students to learn and practice advanced coding concepts while unleashing their imagination!

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Start Coding Camps for Elementary School Students

Computer science education for your child is an excellent way to learn STEM, critical thinking, and problem solving skills in a fun and supportive environment! You can never start learning too soon, and the more practice your child has with computer science concepts the more confidence they’ll have to invent, create, and be successful in the future. We look forward to working with your family!

Up next read about Scratch exercises your child can do to jump right in and strengthen their learning!