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With technology evolving rapidly, having a grasp on languages like Python has become almost as essential as reading and writing. And while group classes and free Python resources can offer some foundational knowledge, working with a tutor provides that personalized touch – ensuring concepts click, doubts disappear, and your unique learning needs are addressed.

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Award-winning K-12 computer science education platform, Create & Learn provides an exceptional live online tutoring service focusing on Python for students of any age. Create & Learn's tutors are all experienced teaching professionals in Python curricula, ensuring that your child receives high-quality instruction from highly-trained experts, no matter where you live.

One of the main advantages of Create & Learn's program is its emphasis on content customized to each student's needs: whether your student wants help preparing for an exam, getting ahead in an area of study, creating a specific project, or catching up on concepts they haven't quite grasped yet, tutors will design the specific class content your child needs to succeed. There's also a focus on inquiry-based learning, which helps students stay positively engaged and excited about learning.

Our tutors can help you with everything from the foundation of Python: understanding variables, data types, and basic operations to more advanced concepts such as loops and conditional statements to add layers of logic to your code, as well as functions and libraries. Our tutors can also help you conquer the fascinating realms of object-oriented programming and data visualization, both pivotal in today's data-driven world. Let our engaging tutors help transform these Python concepts from overwhelming jargon into powerful tools in your coding arsenal!

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Python coding tutors with Create & Learn are based in the US, pass safety screenings, provide certifications and related experience, and must be in high-standing after teaching our small-group classes in related subjects, using our curriculum designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT.

Private tutoring is available for $240/month. And your tutor will meet with your student once per week for 60 minute sessions. There is also a satisfaction guarantee so you can be confident in your decision. Learn more and enroll here.

Explore Online Python Classes

Another option is our online Python classes and camps where your student can learn in a small group setting (5 students max) from a live expert instructor.

1. Python for AI

From the foundational building blocks of Python, to its pivotal role in AI, this course is an adventurous ride through the language adored by tech mammoths like Google and Netflix. Start off with the exciting free intro session, introducing kids to the magic of animating using Python. The journey evolves, taking your child from understanding the essence of text-based coding to diving deep into more intricate realms like object-oriented programming and advanced data structures. With an updated curriculum featuring ChatGPT to aid in learning and debugging, the class offers a unique blend of instruction, practice, and real-world application, culminating in students crafting their very own Python program. Enriched with animations, games, and real-world projects, this course promises not just skill acquisition, but an unforgettable coding adventure.

2. Data Science with Python, Pandas, and ChatGPT Class

At the crossroads of the modern business world and academia, data analytics stands as an indispensable skill, proving invaluable across diverse fields from entrepreneurship and journalism to healthcare and engineering. This class, freshly revamped for Summer 2023, equips learners with the prowess of Pandas, an open-source tool renowned for its flexibility and efficiency in data analysis, combined with Python's scripting magic. Throughout this journey, students will unravel the intricacies of data science, from data cleaning to advanced analytics. And, with the revolutionary integration of ChatGPT AI, learners not only get hands-on coding experience but also an AI-assisted environment to debug, understand, and extend their coding capabilities. Culminating in a capstone project, students get to flex their analytical muscles on a dataset of their choice, visualizing and presenting their findings. Sign up now to embark on a data-driven adventure where code, analysis, and AI blend seamlessly!

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In today's digital age, Python stands out as an essential skill, not just for tech enthusiasts, but for everyone, including teens. Learning Python equips kids with a powerful tool to express their creativity, solve real-world problems, and understand the underpinnings of much of today's technology. Beyond its direct applications in web development, game design, and data analysis, Python fosters logical thinking, enhances problem-solving abilities, and instills a deep understanding of computational thinking principles. Moreover, as a language known for its simplicity and readability, Python provides an accessible entry point for youngsters delving into the vast world of programming. Introducing kids to Python is more than just teaching them a coding language; it's about preparing them for a future where digital literacy is paramount! Improve your Python skills today with fun informative tutoring that will set you up for success. Get started with a Python tutor today!

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