The importance of coding in today's digital world can't be overstated. As parents, we want to equip our children with the skills they need to navigate this tech-driven era. Coding camps are an excellent way to introduce kids to the world of programming, offering both a fun and educational way to spend the summer. So today we'll share an assortment of the best Los Angeles summer coding camps for kids and teens, varying in age groups, specialties, and formats, so you're sure to find something to pique your budding computer scientist's interest.

Discover the Best Los Angeles Summer Coding Camps

The selection of Los Angeles summer camps in this list have been curated based on a variety of factors, including the programing camp's curriculum quality, instructor expertise, student and parent reviews, and unique opportunities for hands-on learning. We have included a diverse range of camps, from those offering introductory courses for younger kids to advanced programs for teenagers looking to delve deeper into specialized fields of coding.

1. Create & Learn's Summer Coding Camps

Online, Beginner-friendly, Comprehensive Curriculum

Create & Learn's summer coding camps offer a unique and engaging opportunity for kids to dive into the world of technology and innovation. Designed with young learners in mind (ages 5-18) by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT, these camps cover a wide range of topics from basic programming and robotics to more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and game development - all using real-world applications. Taught by experienced instructors passionate about STEM education, the camps provide a supportive and fun environment for kids to explore their interests, develop critical thinking skills, and unleash their creativity through hands-on projects. Participants leave these online camps that run for 3-5 days, with a deeper understanding of how technology works and the confidence to continue exploring the digital world. Most students begin learning coding with Scratch camps: Scratch Junior (K-2); Scratch Ninja (2-6); Accelerated Scratch (6-9). Enjoy a free session to get started!

2. Digital Dragon LA

In-person, Game Development, Advanced Options

3309 Pico Blvd., Suite B Santa Monica, CA, 90405

Digital Dragon's Los Angeles summer coding camps stand out as a premier offline destination for kids interested in technology and digital creation. Catering to children aged 5 to 18, Digital Dragon offers something for everyone, from game design to digital production, Minecraft themes, and more. Their game design camps are perfect for kids who want to learn coding through creating their own video games in person. They also offer the option of creating your own private small group of students to learn together. Beyond just learning to code, participants engage in collaborative projects that enhance their problem-solving skills, creativity, and ability to work as part of a team. Digital Dragon's camps provide a memorable summer experience, empowering kids with the tools and confidence to navigate and shape the digital future.

3. iD Tech Camps at UCLA

In-person, Prestigious, Tech-focused Campus

405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095

IDTech's Los Angeles summer coding camps at UCLA offer kids a unique blend of educational enrichment and collegiate experience, set against the backdrop of one of the nation's most prestigious universities. These camps are designed to ignite passion for STEM in young minds through immersive coding, game development, robotics, and design courses tailored for students of all skill levels. With a curriculum led by top-tier instructors, IDTech emphasizes hands-on learning, ensuring that each participant not only understands the fundamentals of coding but also gains practical experience in applying what they've learned. The setting at UCLA adds an inspiring academic atmosphere, giving campers a taste of college life and the excitement of exploring new technologies.

4. Planet Bravo's Summer Camps

In-person, Youngest coders, STEM-focused outdoor play

2919 W. Burbank Blvd, Suite A Burbank, CA 91505

Planet Bravo's Los Angeles summer coding camps for kids provide a creative and engaging environment where young learners can explore the exciting world of technology. Tailored for children of all skill levels, these camps focus on making learning fun through interactive projects in coding, game design, app development, and web creation. There's even a Junior STEM camp for students entering Kindergarten through Second Grade. Held at their local partnering schools throughout Los Angeles and Orange counties, camp runs 9am-3pm M-F in one-week sessions. Students sign up for a STEM Lab and participate in several activities that balance indoor and outdoor learning and play. Set in various convenient locations around Los Angeles, these camps offer a safe and nurturing setting for kids to dive into the digital world, leaving them with new skills, increased confidence, and a deeper understanding of technology's potential to shape their future.

5. Lavner Camps at UCLA

In-person, Prestigious setting, Diverse curriculum

405 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90095

Lavner Camps at UCLA provides a vibrant and enriching summer coding experience for kids in Los Angeles, set within the stimulating environment of one of the world's leading universities. These camps are designed to cater to a wide range of interests and skill levels, from beginners to seasoned young programmers, focusing on coding, LEGO building, YouTube video production, game design, and tech entrepreneurship. Lavner Camps distinguishes itself with a personalized approach to learning, maintaining small class sizes to ensure that each camper receives individual attention and guidance from expert instructors. This supportive setting enables children to explore and grow their tech skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Beyond technical learning, campers enjoy a fun and engaging atmosphere that fosters friendships, teamwork, and a deepened interest in STEM. Lavner Camps at UCLA run Monday-Friday, 9am to 3pm.

6. CS@SC Coding Camps

In-person and online, Premier college campus, Engineering focus

3730 McClintock Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90089

CS@SC Coding Camps, hosted in Los Angeles, present an exceptional summer learning opportunity for kids with a keen interest in technology. These camps, running from early July to mid-August, are meticulously structured to cater to a wide array of interests within the tech field, including Java, Python, Scratch, cyber security, aerospace, electrical, civil and mechanical engineering, and more. Each session is designed to accommodate different age groups and skill levels, ensuring a tailored and impactful learning experience. Camp days typically span from 8 AM to 3 PM, providing a full day of immersive education and hands-on projects led by experienced instructors who are passionate about fostering the next generation of tech innovators. CS@SC Coding Camps not only aim to equip children with valuable coding skills and a deep understanding of digital technologies but also strive to inspire them with the confidence and creativity needed to pursue their interests in the rapidly evolving tech landscape. $200 for Virtual classes and $600 for In-Person classes.

7. Code Ninjas LA

In-person, Gamified Learning, Mentoring

2712 Griffith Park Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027

Code Ninja's Los Angeles summer coding camps offer an exciting and immersive experience for kids interested in the thrilling world of technology and programming. Throughout the summer, from early June to late August, these camps run weekly sessions that cater to a diverse range of interests and skill levels. Subjects include Robotics, Roblox, Minecraft, YouTube, and more. Each camp is meticulously designed to engage children in a fun, interactive learning environment where they can develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The sessions typically run from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 4 PM, allowing kids to dive deep into their projects, collaborate with peers, and learn from experienced instructors dedicated to inspiring the next generation of coders and digital creators. Code Ninja's camps are the perfect place for young learners to explore their passion for technology, enhance their technical skills, and make lasting memories.

8. Rolling Robots Summer Coding Camps

Rolling Robots STEM and Robotics Camps are designed to encourage open creativity and deep exploration featuring small camp size, feasible weekly schedule, hands-on and project-based building, coding and design camps for kids aged 5 to 15. Camps offered include LEGO, VEX BattleBots, FLL, Scratch, Python, C++, Minecraft, Roblox, and VEX V5 Competition. The company was voted as the Best Children's Program of Culver City/West Los Angeles in 2021, and their world-class VEX Robotics middle school team won the 2023 VEX Robotics Competition CA State Champion. Each camp session runs one week Monday thru Friday in the morning (AM) (9am - 12pm) and afternoon (PM) (1pm - 4pm). Camps begin on June 5th at multiple locations, including Palos Verdes, Manhattan Beach, West LA, Santa Monica, Glendale, Irvine, and more.

9. Camp Integem

In-person, AR speciality, Ages 5-18

Check out these fun AI & AR STEM and art camps for ages 5-18. This is not just a summer camp—it is a fun-filled, hands-on learning journey into the world of AI, Holographic AR design, coding, robotics, 2D/3D game design, digital art, 2D/3D animation, 3D designs, interactive storytelling, space/nature exploration, STEM/STEAM and more. Students can learn from beginner to advanced levels, and no prior knowledge in computer or technology is needed. Camps feature great instructors and small classes (8 students/teacher). ACS WASC accredited & NVIDIA partnered camp with 16 Locations in California.

Tips for Choosing the Right Los Angeles Summer Coding Camp

Choosing the right camp for your child can be overwhelming. Here are some tips:

  1. Identify your child's interests and skill level.
  2. Consider the format that would work best for your family: online, in-person, or a mix such as hybrid.
  3. Look at the curriculum and teaching methodology to ensure there is scaffolding that sets your student up for success and that real-world applications are learned.
  4. Check for reviews or testimonials from parents and students.
  5. Finally, if possible, involve your child in the decision-making process to ensure they're excited about the camp!

Explore the Best Los Angeles Summer Coding Camps Today

Choosing the right summer coding camp can set your child on a path to success in our digital world. Whether they're interested in game design, robotics, cybersecurity, or just getting started with coding, there's a Los Angeles summer coding camp that fits the bill. So why wait? Explore these top-notch camps today and give your child a summer they'll remember. For year-round fun, check out the best Los Angeles coding classes.