The best online science classes for kids make students excited to learn all about biology, astronomy, geology, chemistry, paleontology, and so much more. So today we've pulled together some fun classes for every budding scientist to try. Your child can master science and expand their creativity, all from the comfort of home.

Discover the best online science classes for kids

Explore virtual science courses kids and teens will love! Some classes are on-demand videos, while others feature live instruction from an expert. For each virtual course we've clarified the best student grade level as well as the type of class it is.

1. Rocket Camp

Are you excited about outer space, science, or humans going to the moon and Mars? Have you been watching rocket launches and astronaut videos, like those from the popular space company, SpaceX? Well then you probably want to learn more about rockets and this class was designed for you! Find out when rockets were first invented, how a rocket works, what kinds of rockets there are, and much more. This is a small group (10 students max) class led by a live instructor.

Class type: Live online, small group

Grades: 2-10

2. NASA Live Events

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is America’s civil space program and the global leader in space exploration. At its 20 centers and facilities across the country – and the only National Laboratory in space – NASA studies Earth, including its climate, our Sun, and our solar system and beyond. NASA's live events include a Spaceflight for Everybody virtual symposium, coverage of the ISS U.S. Spacewalk #78, and more.

Your child can also meet Dr. Marc, the Chief of Science and Operations at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the leader of many NASA interplanetary missions, to hear about his exciting story in space in this free event!

Class type: Live online, large group

Grades: K-12

3. Atom Secrets & The Periodic Table of Elements

This 4-session course offers a fun and engaging introduction to the fields of Chemistry and Quantum Physics! The Atom Secrets Camp explores atoms, subatomic particles and the Periodic Table of Elements, over four 50-minute sessions meeting Monday-Thursday. The course introduces students to 54 atomic elements, while exploring advanced concepts such as electron orbitals, covalent and ionic molecular bonds, and the structural organization of the Periodic Table.

Class type: Live online, small group

Grades: 2-6

4. Computational biology

Learn how to use code to decipher your biological code - understand what makes you, you. This is live online small-group class is chance to get a peek into the challenges scientists deal with every day, and where coding can help! Computational biology is a field that bridges the gap between biology and computer science. If your child is curious about understanding how humans work inside, and is interested in learning how Python coding can lend a hand in understanding the world of DNA, RNA, and proteins, then this is the perfect class for you. Students will learn out cutting-edge technologies such as CRISPR and how genome analysis is done.

Class type: Live online, small group

Grades: 6-12

5. National Geographic's Explorer Classroom

Explorer Classroom is a live interactive session that connects young people, ages 4-14, with National Geographic Explorers — to hear behind-the-scenes stories and interact with cutting-edge scientists, researchers, and powerful storytellers from around the globe. All events are free. Learn about bees, seals, polar conservation, and more.

Class type: Live online, large group

Grades: K-8

6. MIT's Kids Science Club

Explore all sides of science with the Kids Science Club! Sign up for any or all of the topics such as rocks and minerals, rainbow science, lemon light, and more to reserve a kit full of all the materials you’ll need to participate in the activities. Then, join on Zoom to explore and experiment!

Class type: Live online, large group

Grades: 1-5

7. Hands-On Science: All Things Frozen

Explore the science behind all things frozen in this exciting flexible schedule hands-on science class! Whether it's winter or summer, things that are frozen are so much fun! In this class, you will look at things that are frozen- ice cream, hockey, snow, and the amazing animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctic.

Class type: On-demand videos

Grades: 3-7

8. California Science Center

The California Science Center has been home to exciting explorations, delightful discoveries and wild wonders for students - and now they offer online camps. Weeklong classes meet virtually for 90 minutes per day and are offered for kindergarteners through eighth graders. Turn on your imagination and creativity as you transform magnets, bouncy balls, straws and wacky materials into intergalactic attractions. Or dive into the world of biology, react with chemistry, zoom with physics, wonder with aerospace, and unlock secrets in Earth science.

Class type: Live online, small group

Grades: 2-8

9. Jumpstart your Path to a Space Career

In these exciting 4 session camps students are introduced to key space missions, careers and NASA mentors which will inspire the students on their paths to working in the aerospace industry. travel through the solar system and beyond and learn about the real people who do amazing space jobs. ( engineers, scientists etc). We will discuss past, current and future space missions including the Artemis missions to the moon, the Perseverance Mars Rover, Voyager, the discovery of exoplanets, CubeSats, upcoming missions to Europa and Titan. Students will be given tips on how to go about applying for NASA internships and will be provided opportunities to connect directly with NASA specialists/mentors.

Class type: Live online, small group

Grades: 3-12

10. Long Island Science Center

The Long Island Science Center is a 501(c)3 STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) Learning Museum. They have been providing hands-on STEAM programming in schools and libraries since 1995 with their enriching educational programs reaching more than 350,000 students. They are now offering online classes through a teleconferencing system. The programs are instructor led, live classes where students can ask questions, give answers and share with the class. There are options such as crime lab, palentology dinosaur detectives, and much more.

Class type: Live online, large group

Grades: 1-7

Try the best online science classes for kids!

Now you can easily take the next step in your learning adventure. Develop your child's love for science today! Up next, explore fun science experiments to try during the Thanksgiving holiday.