Seattle, a vibrant hub of technology and innovation, offers a fertile ground for young minds to explore the exciting world of coding during their summer break. With the city's rich landscape of tech giants and startups alike—home to industry leaders such as Amazon, Microsoft, and a thriving ecosystem of tech startups—coding skills are not just useful but essential for careers in software development, data analysis, and beyond. So encourage your child to dive deep into passions, discover new interests, and even prepare for college with the best Seattle coding camps!

Seattle Coding Camps This Summer

Seattle's diverse range of summer coding camps provides children with the opportunity to dive into everything from basic programming to advanced game design and robotics. These camps are more than just a way to pass the time; they are a critical investment in children’s futures. By engaging in these educational experiences, kids can make productive use of their summer, developing critical thinking skills, creativity, and a technological fluency that will serve them throughout their lives in an increasingly digital world.

1. Create & Learn's Coding Camps

Live online, Designed by MIT and Google professionals, Comprehensive Curriculum

Create & Learn's summer coding camps offer a unique and engaging opportunity for kids to dive into the world of technology and innovation. Designed with young learners in mind (ages 5-18) by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT, these camps cover a wide range of topics from basic programming and robotics to more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and game development - all using real-world applications. Taught by experienced instructors passionate about STEM education, the camps provide a supportive and fun environment for kids to explore their interests, develop critical thinking skills, and unleash their creativity through hands-on projects. Participants leave these online camps that run for 3-5 days, with a deeper understanding of how technology works and the confidence to continue exploring the digital world. Most students begin learning coding with Scratch camps: Scratch Junior (K-2); Scratch Ninja (2-6); Accelerated Scratch (6-9). Enjoy a free session to get started!

2. iDTech Camps at University of Washington Seattle

In-person, Outdoor activities plus STEM, Interface with industry pros

Location: University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195

STEM pros recruited from elite universities share their knowledge, inspiring campers to bring their visions to life, from apps and games to AI bots and viral videos during these fun camps! Each session blends hands-on learning with campus exploration and traditions for a one-of-a-kind recipe for summer magic. Whether your child is curious about coding, interested in esports and gaming, or wants to explore creative subjects, there’s something for everyone. Your child will work alongside new friends and learn from expert tech mentors, while taking breaks in between to enjoy UW's outdoor playing fields for ultimate frisbee, capture the flag, kickball, board games, and more! Designed for ages 7-17, these camps start at $1,079.

3. Tech Revolution Summer Camps at University of Washington

In-person, Small groups, Developed by prestigious grads

Location: University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98195

This summer, from June 17th to August 23rd, Seattle's premier Camp Tech Revolution® invites kids aged 6-16 to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge world of technology. Recognized globally as the World’s #1 Tech Camp, it was masterfully developed by a leadership team with prestigious educational backgrounds from institutions like the University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Columbia University, and Harvard Graduate School of Education, among others. The proprietary, student-focused curricula cater to all levels of experience—from novice to advanced—ensuring that every camper learns new, in-demand skills each week. With a diverse program that includes Robotics, Coding, Game Design, Minecraft, Roblox, AI, 3D Printing, and even Spy Tech, Camp Tech Revolution is designed to prepare young minds for the future in a fun, engaging environment. The staff-to-camper ratio of approximately 1:4 to 1:8 guarantees a personalized and enriching summer tech experience at Seattle’s top STEM camp.

4. Tech Know How Summer Camps

In-person, Fun exercise and STEM, LEGO-based

Location: Alki, Mercer Island, Kentridge, Renton Prep

This summer, delve into the exciting world of LEGO® Robotics and Coding with these week-long camps, where unique STEM projects come to life using LEGO® elements. Tailored for young learners aged 5-9, these camps offer an engaging introduction to engineering principles. Students will have the opportunity to build motorized vehicles and creatures, design their own video games using Scratch, and elevate their Minecraft skills. For those aged 10-14, the camps provide a deeper dive into robotics design and programming, along with the chance to develop programming skills in Java, boosting both their capabilities and confidence. Beyond the technical skills, these camps foster camaraderie and fun through team-building exercises, group games, and recess activities, allowing campers to connect and share their experiences in a vibrant, supportive environment.

5. Kids Science Labs Camp

In-person, Science, Flexible scheduling

Locations: South Loop, Northbrook, Seattle, Roscoe Village

Looking for a STEM camp to inspire your coder? Check out Kids Science Labs' creative and engaging science camps, perfect for young innovators aged 4–12. Each year, they introduce original weekly themes, crafted by their team of full-time scientists, engineers, teachers, and artists, to foster a deep, playful learning experience. From building motorized LEGO® devices and designing cities of the future to exploring cool chemistry and the secrets behind everyday gadgets, camps are designed to spark curiosity and encourage a hands-on approach to learning. These science summer camps are held from the second week of June through the last week in August at various Kids Science Labs locations in the Seattle area. With flexible scheduling options—including full-day, half-day, and extended day programs—and the ability to register for multiple weeks with significant discounts, the camps offer convenience and adaptability to fit your family's needs.

6. DigiPen

In-person, High school students, Animation and game design

Location: 9931 Willows Road NE Redmond, WA 98052

DigiPen Academy, a trailblazer in creative digital education, offers an array of programs that equip high school students with the skills needed for in-demand careers in art, animation, game design, video game programming, data analytics, and music and sound design. The academy's rigorous academic programs are a stepping stone to successful college applications, with graduates frequently continuing their education at elite institutions like DigiPen Institute of Technology, Berklee College of Music, and Carnegie Mellon University, among others. DigiPen's programs, including the four-week Pre-College Summer Programs and the year-long WANIC Skill Center Programs, offer students from grades 11 and 12 the chance to earn Advanced Placement credits and engage in project-based learning that mirrors real-world challenges. This hands-on approach ensures that students not only learn but apply their knowledge in team settings, fostering growth in confidence and skill.

7. Creative Coding Summer Camp

In-person, Ages 8-12, Small groups

Location: 4649 Sunnyside Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

Rediscover the joy of learning at Creative Coding's summer camps, back in person at the Good Shepherd Center. Since 2013, they've revolutionized coding education for kids by empowering them to create and share their own video games and animations. Designed for 8-12-year-olds, these camps offer a magical blend of creative freedom, friendly collaboration, and high-quality instruction that you won't find in large, institutional camp settings. These summer camps stand out because they prioritize fun, creativity, self-teaching, and persistence through "The Creative Coding Method," developed by their "Founder Dad" Eric Fredrickson. This method ensures that learning is always engaging, with each class posing the challenge: "What do you want to make?" This approach not only spurs your child's imagination but also equips them with the resilience to overcome obstacles and the skills to teach themselves.

Enjoy Seattle Coding Camps for Kids and Teens

As summer approaches, Seattle's coding camps present an invaluable opportunity for young learners to gain a head start in the digital age. By participating in these specialized camps, children not only sharpen their technical abilities but also cultivate essential life skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and perseverance. Whether your child is a budding programmer or just starting to show interest in technology, a summer coding camp can be a transformative experience that equips them with the tools to navigate and succeed in our technology-driven world!

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