ScratchJr is an introductory programming language tailor-made for kids aged 5 to 7. Its design focuses on letting youngsters create their own interactive stories and games, serving as a delightful gateway to the vast universe of coding. Beyond just being an engaging activity, ScratchJr equips children with critical thinking and problem-solving capabilities, all while fostering their innate creativity. Accessible as a free app on both iOS and Android, ScratchJr has made it easier than ever for kids to dive into the world of coding. So today we'll share some of the best structured ScratchJr lessons.

Get started using the app and learning coding with instruction, guidance, and fun projects right away by joining our award-winning live online ScratchJr coding classes, designed by experts from Google, Stanford, and MIT.

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In today's digital-forward world, starting your kindergarten students as well as first and second graders on ScratchJr not only brings immediate fun, but also lays a robust foundation for their future in a tech-driven landscape. Here are a few of the best resources from live online lessons to curriculum to ensure kids have fun learning ScratchJr.

1. ScratchJr Introductory Lesson

In this 45min session led live online by an engaging expert, students get introduced to the Scratch Junior platform and use it to code a fun animation - a Dance Party! Your child will learn how to add characters, how to control characters with coding blocks, and how to code by combining blocks to make animations. Your child will experience the power of coding and have fun creating a fun party with their favorite characters!

2. Scratch Junior Coding Basics Lessons

In this award-winning live online Scratch Junior class, kids create a series of animations and games while learning about core coding concepts. For example, your child will learn loops, messaging, how to capture events in a game to take action, and a lot more. They go from simple projects with different characters working independently, to connecting characters with complex actions. Your child will also get to apply their artistic skills to create their own sprites, tell stories, and share their math and science knowledge!

3. Scratch Junior Game Lessons

Create something new every week with Scratch Junior coding! Learn how to make new weekly projects for 6 weeks, including original challenges and fascinating projects like a photo gallery, fun with colors, hide and seek, fairy says, and more. Join along in these live online lessons as an expert guides students through a different project from start to finish in a 45-minute session each time.

4. ScratchJr Website Activities & Resources

This ScratchJr introduction video was created by the Scratch Team to support teachers and parents by offering guidance to be used with students. And each of these activities gives you a quick way to learn how to do new things with ScratchJr. Drive across the city, run a race, dribble a basketball, and much more. Create & Learn also has a bunch of starter ScratchJr project ideas kids will love.

5. Free ScratchJr Curriculum

Introducing young minds to foundational engineering and computer science concepts is the essence of this unique curriculum created by the Scratch Team. Coined "powerful ideas," these pivotal concepts equip children with knowledge that transcends mere classroom technology, setting them up for success in various academic and personal pursuits. The curriculum unfolds through three engaging genres: collage, story, and game. Each genre is structured in two units: one focuses on unraveling the diverse features of ScratchJr and its programming facets, while the other encourages students to craft their own projects, putting into practice the lessons they've absorbed. To dive into this immersive learning experience, each student will need their own iPad.

6. PBS Kids ScratchJr Lesson Plans

Dive into the colorful world of creative coding with these five enchanting lesson plans from beginner to more advanced, all tailored for young minds! Each lesson unfolds in a delightful rhythm, starting with a playful session, moving to exploration, tuning into a captivating PBS KIDS episode, and then channeling that inspiration into creating and sharing a unique project. What's more? Every lesson celebrates a different PBS KIDS show, letting children craft projects with their beloved on-screen friends. Tweak, adapt, or even remix these activities to suit your child's pace and preferences.

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In today's digitally interconnected world, introducing children to ScratchJr is akin to gifting them a magic wand for creativity and critical thinking. ScratchJr doesn't just teach kids how to code; it lays the foundation for understanding complex concepts and problem-solving in an interactive, playful manner. As they craft stories and games, children aren't just interacting with technology—they're harnessing it to express their unique ideas and perspectives. Starting this journey with ScratchJr not only propels kids towards a future brimming with digital literacy but also nurtures their innate curiosity, ensuring they become confident, innovative thinkers in whatever path they choose. Empower our youngsters with the magic of ScratchJr and watch them craft a brighter, more imaginative tomorrow!

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