Today we are going to check out one of the coolest features Minecraft has: player skins. These Minecraft skins are a good way to show your interest or personality to people you’re playing with and frankly they just look awesome. We'll reveal 10 cool skins, and skins specifically for boys and girls. We will also show you how to download skins, how to edit skins, and how to make your own.

Here is a guide which shows how to add skins in Bedrock edition. You can add skins in Java by opening the Minecraft launcher, clicking on skins in the top left corner, selecting add new skin, selecting browse, and finally selecting the skin file you want to upload.

To unlock even more cool feature in Minecraft, check out our fun live online Minecraft Redstone class. Learn how to incorporate more advanced blocks such as redstone, pistons, and observer blocks to build holiday lights, automatic doors, and even flying machines inside Minecraft! Or make your own mods in our Minecraft Modding Quest class.

Discover the coolest Minecraft skins

Now we are going to look at some of the coolest skins and ones that are trending on a couple of websites. The trending pages are always good places to find some cool skins!

Minecraft Skin Guide for Kids

1. Minecraft Astronaut Skin

This is a very clean look to explore the stars, or maybe even a mineshaft!

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to Skindex

Minecraft astronaut skin

2. Minecraft Spongebob Skin

Who’s ready for this skin? Play as this classic cartoon character under the sea or even as a land lover. Don’t forget the pineapple house!

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to Planet Minecraft

Minecraft spongebob skin

3. Steve Carrying a Hamburger Skin

Whoever came up with these type skins is a genius in our book. I mean look at it! It’s Steve carrying a hamburger! There are many cool skins that make it look like your character is carrying stuff but this one called out to us. Maybe we’re just hungry…

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to the Skindex

Steve carrying a hamburger skin

4. Chillin Capybara

This capybara looks like he is ready for a Hawaii vacation. His open floral shirt calls for a nice pool and beach house to relax at.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to NameMC

Chillin Capybara

5. Sonic Minecraft Skin

Do you like to go fast? This Sonic skin is perfect for zipping around as you play. Want to learn how to go faster in Minecraft? Check out this blog.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to the Skindex

Sonic the hedgehog Minecraft skin

6. Steve with Drip Minecraft Skin

This skin is for those who appreciate drip. Steve will always be a classic skin, but this updated version of Steve looks ready to party!

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to the Skindex

Steve with necklace Skin

7. Astral Medieval Knight Skin

Created for the Astral Medieval skin and art palette event, this skin will definitely make you look distinctive. This regal skin would be perfect for slaying monsters or facing foes in PVP game modes.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to Planet Minecraft

Astral Medieval Knight Skin

8. Springtrap

This skin gives a cool 3D effect letting you “see” into the springlock suit. Wait… does this mean your character is in the suit too?

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to Planet Minecraft

Springtrap Minecraft Skin

9. Shrek Minecraft Skin

You all know him, it’s Shrek! Slap this skin on and build a nice house in the swamp! Don’t forget your “Beware of Ogre” sign.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to NameMC

Shrek Minecraft Skin

10. Remembering Technoblade Skin

Technoblade had an amazing and loving community. His recent passing has inspired these awesome skins made in his honor. Technoblade never dies.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to the Skindex

Technoblade Minecraft Skin

Minecraft skins girl

1. Water Lilies Skin

This skin will make you look like a princes of nature. The floral additions look amazing and really makes the skin stand out in our opinion.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to Skindex

Princess Skin for Minecraft

2. Anime Cat Girl Minecraft Skin

Cat lovers will appreciate this skin! Check out those cute cat ears, eyes, and tail.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to Planet Minecraft

Cat Minecraft Skin for Girl

3. Frog Girl Skin

This skin reminds us of those comfy days snuggled in a warm hoodie. This frog girls looks calm and chill, perfect for hanging out with your friends in Minecraft.

How to get this Minecraft Skin: Link to Planet Minecraft

Frog girl Minecraft skin

Minecraft skins boy

1. Hooded Rouge

This cool skin was designed to look like pillagers from Minecraft itself. The hood gives a mysterious vibe that would probably fit well in medieval worlds.

How to get this Minecraft skin: Link to Planet Minecraft

Hooded Minecraft Skin

2. Thor from Love and Thunder

This is Thor’s newest look! He has some awesome looking armor and a cape to add that flourish! Now if we could find a stormbreaker ax skin…

How to get this Minecraft skin: Link to the Skindex

Thor Minecraft Skin

3. Herobrine

Imagine putting on this skin and prowling dark hallways to scare other players. At least that is what we would use it for. You could be as scary as an actual mob!

How to get this Minecraft skin: Link to NameMC

Herobrine Minecraft Skin

Get the latest Minecraft skins

Now that we have listed some awesome skins, we want to show you where to look for more! Maybe we missed your favorite cartoon character or superhero? Check out these awesome websites to search for those skins.

  • NameMC - NameMC can be a good place to look for skins but it also shows you popular servers, available usernames, and even cape textures!
  • The Skindex - The Skindex has a big collection of skins, but it also has an easy to use skin editor for creating skins!
  • Planet Minecraft - Planet Minecraft seemingly has it all, player skins, mob skins, maps, texture packs, data packs, mods, and more!

Best sites for Minecraft skins

There are so many skins out there to choose from, but what if they still don’t have what you want? Thankfully, there are tools to help you create the skin you want! This may seem hard but many of the editors are easy to use and there are a couple to choose from.

  • The Skindex - As we mentioned earlier, the Skindex has a pretty simple skin creator. It is even easier with this guide!
  • Planet Minecraft - This website uses an editor called PMCSkin3D which has a lite (simpler) and advanced mode. There is also a section which gives tips and help to help you create your cool skin ideas.

For more sites, check out our article on the best skin editors for Minecraft.

How to download Minecraft skins

Downloading the skins off the websites we used today are super easy. We will show you the location for each download button to make it even easier. Whenever you download these files make sure you can find them again when you get ready to import them into Minecraft.

For Planet Minecraft:

How to download a Minecraft skin

For NameMC:

Downloading a Minecraft skin

For the Skindex:

Get a Minecraft skin

How to make Minecraft skins

Want to customize your own character to make the game even more fun? Learn all about Minecraft skin editors. Then, here's how to make a Minecraft skin. To learn more about customizing the game by creating your own buildings, animals, and more, check out our live online Minecraft modding classes: beginner-friendly Minecraft Redstone Engineering (Grades 2-5); Minecraft Modding Quest (Grades 2-5) and Minecraft Code to Mod (Grades 5-9). Get started with a free Minecraft intro class led live by an expert, and designed by professionals from Google, Stanford, and MIT.

Written by Create & Learn instructor Andrew Harper. Andrew has always had an interest in coding, and after he got his degree and certification in education, he realized that he could be a coding teacher! From there, he started researching and learning a lot on how to integrate computational thinking into education. His dream is to one day create educational software, materials, board games, and video games that encourage students to apply critical thinking and STEM foundations to improve their classrooms and communities. He always tells his students, “ if you can imagine it you can create it in code!”