With concerns about Covid diminishing, more parents are starting to ask the question: Should my child take online classes or in-person coding classes?

Founded in 2019, a year before Covid, Create & Learn has been at the forefront of providing exceptional computer science education to students. From the beginning, we've strived to provide students with more flexibility, more choice, and lower costs. Even before the pandemic hit, we recognized the value of online learning, concluding that the online experience is the best approach to achieve our goal of educating all K-12 students in computer science. The same reasons we made our decision then, still stand today.

We understand that not all online programs are created equal, and that's why we hold ourselves to a high standard. Of course, we encourage you to evaluate all of your options carefully. Let's explore some of the many reasons online learning can help your student, and the pros and cons of learning in-person.

Discover the Benefits of Online Coding Classes for Kids

From learning from the brightest minds no matter where you live to saving time on a commute, to finding a way to fit education into your students' busy schedules, here are just a few of the many reasons online coding classes could be right for your kids.

1. Better Teacher Quality

Teacher quality is one of the most important factors for students' success. Surely you remember a time from your childhood when a talented teacher inspired you to become more interested in a subject. A skilled teacher has the ability to break down complex ideas into smaller, more manageable pieces that are easier for students to understand. And they can use relatable examples and real-life scenarios to help students grasp abstract concepts. In addition, a passionate and engaging teacher can inspire their students to take a greater interest in the subject, fostering a love of learning that can last a lifetime. With online education, your student can learn from the best teachers in the US, versus only from the teachers that exist within your driving distance.

2. Time Saving for Parents

For every busy parent, saving time is key. With online education, you won't need to worry about transportation to and from a physical location. You'll no longer have to drive your kids to classes, wait for them to finish, and then drive them back home. This can save a significant amount of time, particularly if a class is located far from home or if traffic is heavy.

3. Flexible Scheduling

Kids are busy these days! Online classes can be more flexible than traditional in-person classes. You can choose classes that fit into your student's schedule, whether that means taking a class after school, on the weekends, or even during the day for homeschoolers. This flexibility allows you to better manage your time and fit in other important tasks and responsibilities.

As just one example, our online classes run from as early as 9AM Eastern Time to 8PM Pacific Time because teachers are located within different time zones in the US and can support different students’ preferences.

We also have new classes open weekly for most subjects, so your kids can start learning right away at the right level, as opposed to get mixed with students who joined previously.

4. More Class Options with Expert Teachers

There is only so much that any one teacher can master when it comes to different subjects. And the teaching skills required for different age groups are different as well. While in-person classes have only a few staff members, online classes tend to be staffed by hundreds of different teachers that have been trained to be specialized.

For example, a teacher who majored in early childhood education could be teaching an entry level Scratch class to 2nd graders, while a Unity engineer could be teaching middle and high school game development. Online classes can best match students up to specialized teachers with the specific required skills and expertise.

5. Lower Costs

With online classes there's no need to rent or maintain a physical space, or pay for utilities like electricity and water. Many in-person education companies also need to properly compensate teachers for their driving time, which involves extra costs as well. Online classes don't have these elements, allowing for extra savings. Here at Create & Learn, we pass those cost savings to our students.

6. More Personalization With Smaller Groups

In-person group classes tend to be large groups of students - with about 25 kids being the norm. Online classes allow for more personalization and support, with a max of just 5 students per class. As a result, in an online setting, your student will have more opportunities to show their work, ask questions, and collaborate.

7. More Supervision Is Possible (If Parents Prefer)

One of the biggest issues with camps and in-person classes is that parents have no way of assessing teaching quality. Based on the experience of our Founder, Jessie and her daughter who's attended many programs, the vast majority of teaching in in-person classes is of a relatively low quality because teachers have too many kids to take care of and the teachers are not well trained. With online classes, parents are welcome to be close by their student to keep an eye on what they're learning.  

By eliminating transportation, offering flexibility, and providing a high-quality learning experience, online classes can help parents manage their time more effectively while ensuring their child gets the best education possible.

Opportunities Provided By In-Person Coding Classes

There are some situations in which in-person classes might still be necessary for learning computer science. If you'd like to find a place for your children to be supervised during the day in the summer while you're at work, in-person classes can be a nice fit.

Why Create & Learn's Award-Winning Computer Science Classes Are a Great Fit

Today we're pleased to offer online classes led live by expert instructors in over 35 subjects, providing your student with the most comprehensive computer science education available online. Our curriculum was developed jointly by tech experts and experienced educators, from Google, Apple, Stanford, and MIT, with a strong focus on developing students’ creativity and critical thinking skills using project- and inquiry-based learning. Our classes have been recognized by Minecraft Education, Facebook, HulaFrog, ActivityHero, Meta, and more. We run regular free events with speakers from NASA, Google, Pixar, and other top companies. Join us to find the magic in technology and have fun!

Get started by joining our most popular live online beginner-friendly coding class, based on your child's grade level: ScratchJr (K-2); Scratch Ninja (2-5); Accelerated Scratch (5+).