One of the pros of Minecraft is that it has one of the best open worlds! With such a large-scale world, there are thousands of things to do and see. But sometimes you find yourself lost or forget where those precious materials are, or worse, you die and lose all your stuff. While that may be a discouragement to continue, there is no need to worry because in Minecraft players have the option to teleport to specific coordinates throughout the world. It is as simple as typing in a few commands in the terminal. In today's blog, we will learn how to teleport to coordinate in Minecraft!  

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Learn how to teleport to coordinates in Minecraft

Coordinates are a great way to keep track of Minecraft landmarks and might be easier to use them than you think. Coordinates in Minecraft are represented by the typical X, Y, and Z values which show your character's position in the Minecraft world.

1. Turn on cheats

To be able to teleport, you need to make sure cheats are enabled for the world in which you want to teleport. In Java you can do this by opening the settings menu, selecting open to LAN, toggling allow cheats on, and finally clicking on start LAN world.

Open to LAN
Click Allow Cheats: ON
Click Start LAN World
Your Minecraft world with cheats turned on

In Bedrock Edition, open the pause menu, choose settings, on the left side select game, scroll down to the cheats section, and toggle on activate cheats.

2. Find your coordinates

In Java Edition, you can view the coordinates of your position by pressing F3 on your keyboard. In Bedrock Edition, pause the game, select settings, and toggle show coordinates.

This is where the coordinates appear in Java:

where the coordinates appear in Java Minecraft

This is where it appears in Bedrock:

where coordinates appear in Bedrock Minecraft

3. Open the chat

After cheats are activated, you can use the chat feature to teleport to your chosen coordinates.  You can teleport there by opening the chat. For the Java edition, you can do this by hitting T on the keyboard. In Bedrock Edition, hit the right button on the controller's D-Pad.

4. Input your teleport command

Now that the chat is open, type /tp X Y Z, replacing the letters with your coordinate numbers. I found a ruined portal in my world whose coordinates were 316.329/ 64.00000/ -260.586. If I wanted to teleport to the ruins I would type /tp 316 64 -260. Leaving out the numbers after the decimal should get you close enough to your intended destination.

Teleport to coordinates in Minecraft easily
Teleport in Minecraft

Now you know how to teleport to coordinates in Minecraft

You are now free to explore and plunder the world of Minecraft! Just remember, when you find any fantastic views or caves full of diamonds, write down your coordinates so you can teleport to them during your next play session. If you are a fan of Minecraft and are interested in technology or learning to code, try one of our many coding classes that teach students how to code in Minecraft!

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Also, if you want to read more about what you can do in Minecraft, check out more Minecraft commands. We hope to see you soon!

Written by Create & Learn instructor Andrew Harper. Andrew has always had an interest in coding, and after he got his degree and certification in education, he realized that he could be a coding teacher! From there, he started researching and learning a lot on how to integrate computational thinking into education. His dream is to one day create educational software, materials, board games, and video games that encourage students to apply critical thinking and STEM foundations to improve their classrooms and communities. He always tells his students, “ if you can imagine it you can create it in code!”