One of the most popular games in Roblox is an Obstacle Course game, or Obby for short. In this post we are going to explain how to make an Obby in Roblox Studio. These are the steps to get started making your own Obby game, including adding a fading block by using a script.

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Learn How to Create an Obby in Roblox

Following the steps below, any beginner to Roblox Studio can get started creating their own Obby game. You can also watch along with the video if you prefer.

How to Set Up Your Roblox Obby with Parts

1. Create New Obby Project

Open Roblox Studio and on the “New” Tab select the Baseplate template. Make sure your Explorer and Properties windows are showing in the user interface. If not, click on the View menu and then select those windows by clicking on them.

Baseplate template in Roblox Studio
Properties in Roblox Studio

2. Delete the Baseplate

To make your obby more challenging, let’s remove the baseplate from below the spawn point. In the Explorer window, find the Workspace, and select the small arrow next to it, which will show you all the parts that are inside your workspace. Then click on the Baseplate, and hit the Delete key on your keyboard.

Delete the Baseplate in Roblox Studio

Now you should have a nice, clean sky with a floating spawn point. Pro Tip: If at any time you cannot locate your spawner or other parts, select the part in the Explorer by clicking on it, then use the F key on your keyboard to focus on that part!

3. Add Your First Part

Find the Part button along the top toolbar of Studio.

Add your first part

Click on the top half of that button to create a part in your project. It should show up on or right next to your spawn point.

Your spawn point in Roblox Studio

4. Anchor, Place, and Shape Your Part

With your part still highlighted in the Explorer, find the Anchor button and click that to make sure your part doesn’t fall once you start playing your game. It is best practice to anchor your parts right when you create them, so you don’t forget to do it later.

Adjust part in Roblox Studio

Now it is time to adjust how your part looks, and where you want to place it in the obby. The three tools that make this possible are known as Move, Scale, and Rotate. They are found along the top toolbar and will become a few of the tools you will use the most when making an obby.

5. Change Color and Material of Your Part

Using the Properties window, usually found under the Explorer window, locate the BrickColor and Material lines. You can change the color of your part as well as the texture by using these property values. Give it a try!

Color of part in Roblox

6. Add More Parts

Now you can add more parts to your obby using the Part button on the toolbar. Notice that there is a little arrow below the cube image - if you select that arrow you can select the shape of the part before you add it to your game. Don’t forget to anchor all of your parts!

How to Add a Simple Script to Your Obby

It can be a lot of fun to make some small changes to your obby parts just by adding a Roblox coding script to the part. With scripts, you can have your block light up when touched or disappear slowly as the player runs across the part. There are plenty of ways to make your obby more challenging just by adding a short script or two. Here are steps for how to add a script to your parts.

7. Select Your Part from the Explorer

For this script, we will be making one part of your obby disappear when a player touches it. Choose which part you want to apply this script on, and click on the + symbol next to the part in the Explorer. Delete the default script line, print(“Hello World”).

8. Type in Your Script

Type in the following script, making sure all the punctuation marks and indents are included in your script page.Then try out your obby by hitting the Play button on the top toolbar! Once your player touches the part, it should disappear and reappear three seconds later. The three parts of this script include identifying the part to apply (Line 1), the function (action) of having the platform disappear (Lines 3-12), and calling the function to start when the part is touched (Line 14).

Roblox script for Obby

9. Save Your Game

Don’t forget to save your game often! You can go to the File menu at the top of the Studio window and then choose Save to File, or if you are ready to push your game out to Roblox, you can select Save to Roblox.

Now You Know How to Make an Obby in Roblox

Now you know how to make a game in Roblox. Using the steps above, you can add unlimited parts to your Obby in Roblox Studio, and even use a script to watch the parts disappear when the player touches them. For more steps to add different scripts, such as one to create a Lava Block, be sure to see a fun Roblox scripting tutorial. Better still, join in on our online Beginner Roblox Game Coding Class, where you can enjoy live guidance from a teacher while building out your first Obby game together.

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Written by Kari Tonkin, a Create & Learn instructor. Kari has been teaching a wide variety of courses and ages for more than twenty-six years. Some of her favorite subjects to teach include computer science, graphic design, mathematics, and coding languages. She received a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design with Technology Integration from Black Hills State University in 2016 and has used this knowledge to stay current on new technology trends in education. When she is not working, Kari enjoys playing video games with her family, including Roblox and Minecraft, hiking and camping, and traveling around the United States.