Today we're going to explore free, printable, coding activities for kids! Learning to use computers is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life for children and adults. But learning to code is not simply about arranging blocks or typing text in programming languages. Coding is about problem solving.

In fact, there’s a lot of things you can do to help kids learn coding that don’t require a computer or a tablet at all. While math, science, art, and music have all been shown to reinforce learning other STEM subjects like computer science, there are also some great free coding activities for kids that can help build skills in logic, problem solving, and communication.

If you go searching for activities that don’t require coding, you might find some that are not the best quality. That’s why we have made this list of the best no-code coding activities that are printable for parents and teachers who want some free coding activities for kids.

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Download free printable coding activities for kids

1. Hour of Code Activity Packet is one of the biggest online resources for kids who code. In their Hour of Code projects, they use various lessons, some with a computer and others without coding. They have a range of activities that can help kids learn coding in groups or alone if they like working independently. Kids who are visual learners, who love puzzles, and who enjoy art, they will get a lot of help in mastering some of the logic and syntax aspects of coding that are shared by most programming languages.

Grades: 2 - 7

2. Nasa Jet Propulsion Lab Classroom Activities

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) needs no introduction, but aside from launching astronauts into space and studying the universe, NASA supports teachers and students around the world with a ton of great, free educational resources funded by the US government. They offer high quality introductions to STEM and excellent resources for students interested in pursuing higher education in Science, including printable worksheets for younger students who need a helping hand.

Grades: K - 12

3. Mom’s Equation

These free printable coding lessons were designed during the pandemic to help kids in lockdown step away from their screens, and they are especially great for younger homeschooled kids. These lessons include puzzles to make coding fun while learning about sequencing, pattern recognition, and problem solving. There’s six free downloads to choose from and they’re all great.

Grades: 2 - 4

4. Products With Purpose

In this project designed by Meta's Engineer for the Week, your learners will design, develop, and test a Product with Purpose prototype using everyday materials, such as cardboard, paper and tape. Your learners will work collaboratively to understand the importance of prototyping, practice building prototypes, and ideate a Product with Purpose to address an issue they care about. All you need is a Google Drive account, to access project materials, and everyday materials, such as cardboard, paper, and tape. Sign up as a facilitator for free here to get access.

5. Hands on Unplugged

Compiled in 2018 by the Alaska Department of Education & Early Development, this list of coding activities doesn’t require a computer or coding experience, but they offer introductions to important concepts like loops, variables, data structures, and algorithms. They’re the perfect activity for home-schooled kids and classroom teachers who want an engaging group activity that can keep students busy for an extended period of time. Teaching students to code doesn’t have to be purely technical, which is great for sparking an interest in software development for first timers.

Grades: 3 - 8

6. Teachers Pay Teachers

This website features a ton of lessons designed by teachers for teachers to help teachers get paid for their instructional design, while also offering inexpensive resources to teachers who need more materials for their students. The website has a ton of paid and free options, and you can sort by free to focus on simple, free coding activities you can print out for your students.

Grades: K - 12


This website has a ton of amazing free printable worksheets that include coding and other STEM and non-STEM topics. You need to sign up, but the basic membership is free. Students can sign up for premium, which includes guided lesson plans and more tools to help build a comprehensive remote learning environment for kids. There’s great materials for elementary school kids including coloring sheets, multiplication and division exercises, puzzles, and adlib vocabulary exercises.

Grades: K - 5

Enjoy free printable coding activities for kids

We hope you and your kids get many hours of challenging, no-code coding experience with some of these worksheets. See you next time! Up next, check out some other free STEM at-home learning resources.

Written by Bryan Gordon, a Create & Learn instructor. After ten years of working as an English teacher, Bryan began studying Math and Computer Science over the past few years. Aside from writing and teaching, he likes cooking, gardening, playing guitar, and hanging out with his cats, Baguette and Wally.