Whether you have working experience or not, most jobs require a resume. Making an exciting resume can be nerve-wracking when you first start to put it together. You might have no idea where to start or how to format your resume. Well, you’re in luck! Because this blog includes free resume templates for teens, what to include in those resumes, and tips on how to spice up your resume. So you can get ready to apply to your first job with confidence!

Explore Free Resume Templates for Teens With Little to No Experience

Can’t decide which resume template to pick to apply for a job? This list narrows down three of the best templates for teens.

1. Modern, Informative Teen Resume Template

This template has all the elements needed for a perfect resume. It includes many categories that can be filled regardless of whether or not you have any work experience. Its readable and eye-catching design will make your resume stand out from the bunch.

2. Old-School Teen Resume Template

Resumes can have colorful graphics. But they do not always need that. Some of us like an old-fashioned resume that can be made right inside of Google Docs or Microsoft Word. This resume gets the job done and includes everything needed to secure a job.

3. White Minimalist Teen Resume Template

This resume’s minimalist and breathable design give a new, but familiar approach. It has all of the tried and true elements of a traditional resume but adds flair with simplicity. This template is perfect for teens with little to no work experience.

Free Tools for Making a Resume for Teens with Any Level of Experience

There are plenty of tools out there that can help teens create awesome resumes.

1. Canva

Canva is a free-to-use graphic design tool that is easy to use and allows the user to create amazing visual content. To get started with Canva, with the help of a live expert, join beginner-friendly Canva classes, and learn all the tips and tricks you need to make a standout resume.

2. Google Docs

Google Docs is a free tool that allows students to easily type and format resumes. Once complete, you can export your file as a PDF, for sending.

3. Dribble

This is a platform where you can easily create a portfolio page showcasing your engineering or designing work.

What Should a Teenager Put on a Resume?

Without job experience, you may be wondering what to put on your resume. Luckily you have tons of options that are compiled below.

  • Education
  • Community service/volunteering
  • Awards, honors, and accomplishments
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Special skills (Such as knowing specific programming languages)
  • Name and contact information
  • Objective statement (This can fill in white space you may have due to lack of experience)
  • A statement that describes your short-term professional goals

Writing Tips for Resume Templates for Teens

  • Double check it: Proofread and edit your resume.
  • Customize it: Tailor the resume to fit the position you are seeking. For example: include your babysitting experience if you apply for a daycare.
  • Pick a clear font: Use a readable font, ideally san-serif. For example: do not use Comic Sans.
  • Include key phrases: Use buzzwords such as “keen to learn”, and “self-motivated”. These help to show that you will be an asset to the company
  • Keep it short: Make sure your resume is not longer than one page. Most hiring managers will not look at the second page.

Download Free Resume Templates For Teens

Now you know how to make a fantastic resume that will surely get you hired in the future! If you want to improve your resume and add specialized skills learn how to code by joining our live classes. Interested in web design? Check out our JavaScript classes - all led live by an expert, and designed by professionals from Google, MIT, and Stanford.

Written by Create & Learn instructor Gabrielle Cindric. Gabrielle is a Computer Science student by day and a STEM instructor by night. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and hanging out with her poodle Bailey and cat Asphalt.