With many ways to explore coding for Roblox, it can be difficult to decide which video tutorials might be the best to watch for each level of knowledge. Here we bring together some of the best Roblox video tutorials to help you find exactly what you are looking for in online learning. From videos with written content all the way up through live online instruction, there is something here for every Roblox designer.

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Watch the best Roblox tutorial videos

There are several styles of Roblox tutorial videos available for all levels of Roblox Studio learners.

1. Beginner Roblox Game Coding

It is hard to beat learning coding with a live video tutorial, guided by an experienced instructor! Create & Learn offers video tutorials in Roblox Studio live through Zoom sessions. The series is called Beginner Roblox Game Coding and is designed for grades 3-8. Courses range from getting set up with how to use the workspace and how to configure properties of objects such as color and texture to implement in games. They'll move on to learn how to make a dodgeball game and even a multi-player game. In the final part of the class, students find out how to build two multi-faceted games that combine previous Roblox coding skills learned with new concepts like messaging. One of the games is modeled after the highly popular infinity run game where players must turn, dodge, and jump to avoid obstacles and gain points!

2. Roblox Developer Website

If you prefer a few video examples along with written steps, be sure to check out the Roblox Developer website. Their tutorials are written as a guide to creating your own scripts and include images, coding steps, and short videos that show the changes you make as you write the scripts. Their Deadly Lava tutorial is an example of this blended learning style.

3. How to Make a Tower Defense Game Video Tutorial

YouTuber GnomeCode has a great Tower Defense design series that starts at an early intermediate level of scripting and walks the viewer through all the steps it takes to make a fully functional tower defense game in Roblox. This series is very easy to follow and GnomeCode is fairly responsive to comments and questions that the viewers may leave for him at each video.

4. HD Admin Tutorials

For many years now, allowing players to achieve “admin” status in a game has been very exciting and an enticing way for developers to get players into their games. If you have ever wanted to incorporate HD Admin into your games, this playlist by the amazing AlvinBlox is for you. It takes quite a bit of script work, but AlvinBlox does an excellent job of stepping viewers through the process of setting up an HD Admin session for any game you choose to create.

5. Roblox Create Website

Roblox Education is a great place to find mixed-media tutorials similar to the Developer website, where they show video clips along with written instructions to guide you through the steps to creating a full game. There are several full projects on the Create website, such as this Adventure Game, that give video examples of the steps along the way to designing and scripting working games that can be published to Roblox.

6. Roblox GUI Scripting Tutorials

Once you have a basic understanding of scripting in Roblox Studio, the next logical step is to work on the Graphic User Interface (GUI) for your game. This collection of video tutorials by The Dev King on YouTube walks the viewer through all the different GUI’s that a designer may want to have available in games. From text buttons to scrolling frames, this series has it covered.

7. Coding with Roblox Studio

This is another video tutorial in Roblox Studio live through Zoom sessions. The series is called Coding with Roblox Studio and is designed for more advanced coders in grades 6-12. Coding is done via Lua, a scripting language that is relatively easy to use. The course starts with simple coding concepts such as loop and conditional to get students familiar with text-based coding, and gradually goes deeper to more advanced concepts such as variables, arrays, and more. Students also learn how to create a little economy in their game by collecting goodies off a conveyor belt, earning coins, and exchanging for droppers and treasures, as well as how to build multiplayer games.

8. Roblox Advanced Scripting

So you’ve got basic scripting down, and you are looking for an advanced challenge? This relatively new playlist by CodeBro29 on YouTube is a great place to find tutorials on adding tables and random math functions to your game. Advanced scripting techniques are what sets your game apart from all the rest on Roblox, so be sure to watch these tutorials.

9. Main Menu Screen Tutorial

Your game is made, scripts are in place, and everything looks great. But, did you include a Main Menu screen? Here is a relatively new YouTuber, Teletacos Roblox Tutorials, explaining how to create and use a menu screen where the players can select different options by clicking.

10. Roblox Studio Effects and Design Video Tutorial

If you have your scripting skills down but would really like to learn how to use the properties interface better, especially to make your games look more realistic, then the Roblox Studio playlist by Vylex (on YouTube) is for you. All of his videos are offered without the tell-tale YouTuber voiceover, so he shows his instruction through written tips as he records how to create amazing, realistic items in Roblox Studio. He’s definitely worth a watch if game design is your focus.

Bonus. Advanced Roblox Club

This live online class is designed for students in grades 6-12 to help them explore and build complex Roblox games with different themes. This advanced Roblox coding class is designed for students who have completed the Coding with Roblox Studio Class, and want to reinforce their knowledge and build more complex games in Roblox. Lessons cover additional specific features such as adding audio to games, module scripts which allow you adding powerful features quickly, and more. Build your own farm game or conquer the busy restaurant game!

Bonus. Roblox Events - Live and Recorded

Roblox hosts online and in person events multiple times a year, with topics ranging from Data to the Magic of Storytelling. These events are open to anyone and past online events can be viewed for free. Although many of these events do show actual scripting steps and coding concepts, most of the content is about the bigger picture of developing games for Roblox. Game theory, player engagement, and social media marketing are the kinds of video lessons one can learn from these recorded events. Here is one session that speaks to the Science of Game Design.  

Enjoy the best Roblox tutorial videos

With so many ways to learn how to expand your knowledge of Roblox Studio scripting and design, there is bound to be a tutorial here for anyone. From live video instruction with Create & Learn to YouTube video playlists, any one of these amazing ten resources will keep you moving forward in your Roblox game development skills. For more information and lessons about coding with Roblox Studio, be sure to check out this fun Roblox scripting tutorial, and start off your scripting adventure with a free Roblox game coding class today!

Written by Kari Tonkin, a Create & Learn instructor. Kari has been teaching a wide variety of courses and ages for more than twenty-six years. Some of her favorite subjects to teach include computer science, graphic design, mathematics, and coding languages. She received a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Design with Technology Integration from Black Hills State University in 2016 and has used this knowledge to stay current on new technology trends in education. When she is not working, Kari enjoys playing video games with her family, including Roblox and Minecraft, hiking and camping, and traveling around the United States.