In Minecraft, you can definitely have a great time exploring, crafting, and building from the ground. But utilizing the ability to fly gives you a whole new sense of freedom in the game! Today, we will be going through a few ways we can use commands in Minecraft to give Steve the gift of flight. Let's explore some cool Minecraft flying commands.

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Discover fun Minecraft flying commands

The first (and easiest) way to fly is by playing in creative mode! When you make a new world, make sure you set it to Creative. You can change the world by clicking on the “Game Mode” Option once you have the “Create New World” menu up and running. Keep clicking until you see “Creative”, and it will generate from there. If you want to switch between a survival and creative playthrough, you can also allow cheats to switch between those game modes, as shown below!

Minecraft flying commands turning on cheats

If you are in a survival world with cheats turned on, just type in the following command to switch to creative mode:

/gamemode creative

Once you are in creative mode, quickly jump twice and you’re off! You can press and hold the jump button to go higher and then hold shift on the keyboard to go lower. Alternatively, if you are using a controller of some kind, you can press down on the directional pad to go down as well.

If you want to switch back, use the following command:

/gamemode survival

If you are looking to explore the floating islands and the cities found in The End, then we’d recommend that you keep an eye out for the mythical elytra! Elytras are equippable wings that you can use to glide from tall places. Here is the step-by-step process to finding Elytras in survival mode. For those that are looking to fly a little more quickly in Java Edition, you can use the following command to spawn an Elytra in your inventory:

/give @s minecraft:elytra

If you are using Bedrock Edition, use the following command:

/give @s elytra

The “/give” command can be used to spawn any item in any player’s inventory found in that world! The “@p” indicates that it will be given to the nearest player, which will be you. You can also use:

  • @a, which gives the specified item to all players in your Minecraft world
  • @r, which gives the specified item to a randomly chosen player in your Minecraft world
  • @p, which gives the specified item to the nearest player in your Minecraft world

To equip the Elytra, open up your equipment menu and put the elytra in your chest armor slot, as shown below:

Minecraft flying Elytra

Once you have it equipped, find a high place to jump from and press jump again to open your wings. You’ll be able to glide down! Be careful to not run into anything while in the air; you will likely take damage from the impact. If you want a little more control, check out here how you can use fireworks to fly continuously!

Now you know Minecraft flying commands

That is how you can use commands to fly in Minecraft. For those that are looking for a little more of a challenge, feel free to check out this tutorial on how to use Redstone to build your own flying machine. And join our live online upcoming Minecraft Redstone event!

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Written by Create & Learn instructor Jonah Zimmermann. Jonah has focused on creating and teaching computer science, coding, and STEM curricula for elementary and middle school students. In his free time, he enjoys video games and a good Dungeons and Dragons session with friends!