Math is so much more important than just getting high test scores, and it's applicable to future careers even if kids don't want to be engineers or accountants. So today we've pulled together some of the best online math classes for kids and online math programs for K-12 that will help every student succeed.  

Learning math helps students develop the ability to identify and analyze patterns, learn logic and critical thinking skills, and learn problem solving skills. So helping your student - no matter whether they're in elementary, middle, or high school - have higher confidence in math is very important. If you want to jump in right away, get started with a fun live online data science class for kids.

Discover some of the best online math classes for kids

Explore free and paid online math classes for kids, as well as self-guided programs and on-demand videos. From Mathnasium's special method of instruction, to speed math techniques, and private tutoring, find a course your student will enjoy.

1. Think Academy

These are excellent online math classes for kids - taught live by engaging teachers from Stanford, Yale, Columbia, and more top US universities! Think Academy is a leading education and technology company that has over 17 years of math teaching experience with 4.6+ millions students worldwide. The curriculum is designed with the mind of scientific learning methods and personalized education for children, from foundational to accelerated math.

Grades: K-4

Class type: Live online

2. Data Science for Kids

Does your child enjoy playing sports, winning video games, and watching Youtube channels? Well, all of them are powered by data! In this live online Data Superpower event students will interact with fun and relatable data, learn core skills related to data science, and see the world through data. Plus find insights, and tell compelling stories with data. The class is led by a US-based, highly trained instructor and designed by experts from Google, MIT, and Stanford.

Grades: 4-7

Class type: Live online event

3. Private Math Tutoring

Get private math tutoring for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-calculus, and Calculus. Instructor Ben Lipper got a perfect score on both the SAT and ACT math sections, and says "Math has always been one of my best and favorite subjects. I have experience in mathematics from the basics of Arithmetic, through Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Trig, Calculus, and even up to Linear Algebra, Matrices, and Vector Calculus."

Grades: K-8

Class type: Live online, private

4. Mathnasium of Bay Area

Mathnasium is a math-only learning center that teaches kids math the way that makes sense to them. Their experienced math tutors utilize their proprietary teaching materials and techniques, The Mathnasium Method™, to deliver a customized learning plan designed to address each student's needs, whether they started out far behind or are already ahead in math. Their instruction approach goes beyond traditional math tutoring to develop understanding and build a love for math. And they teach math from 1st Grade to Pre-Calculus both in center and online!

Grades: 2-12

Class type: Live online

5. BrainBuilder Academy

Singapore Maths teaches students to master concepts in more detail giving them a solid foundation from which to build their maths success. Through his BrainBuilder™ programs, Dr Fong builds upon the principles of Singapore Maths to equip his students with critical, creative and higher order thinking skills (HOTS). This is achieved through teaching innovative model drawing and heuristics problem solving techniques that empower students with skills in line with TIMSS and the National Council of Teachers Mathematics (NCTM). They offer online classes for Power Math and more.

Grades: 2-4

Class type: Live online

6. Mathletes Online

This class makes math challenging, versatile, and fun! Mathletes programs focus on creative problem solving in Mathematics. Students will tackle fun problems from Math Olympiad competitions and participate in both formal and informal team competitions. Solve challenging problems every week in practice. If you like puzzles, patterns, and problem solving, you should come on out and try!

Grades: 4-6

Class type: Live online, small group

7. Khan Academy 5th Grade Math

Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom. In this self-paces course you'll learn all about decimals, fractions, powers of ten algebraic thinking, and even properties of shapes.

Grades: 5

Class type: On-demand videos

8. Faster than Calculator, Speed Math Techniques & Mental Math

This class is great for beginners and those who have a math phobia. Learn mental math, vedic math and quick math shortcuts that speed up your calculations with strengthening math fundamentals. You'll cover the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and squares and cubes between 2 digits to 5 digits.

Grades: 6+

Class type: On-demand videos

9. Zearn

Zearn is the nonprofit educational organization behind Zearn Math, the top-rated math learning platform used by 1 in 4 elementary students nationwide. With Zearn, kids learn the same concept twice—once with the teacher and once in their digital lessons—so they gain a deep understanding of math. Their digital math lessons cover every K–6 math objective, and all materials are research-backed and crafted to represent all kids.

Grades: K-6

Class type: On-demand videos


ALEKS is an online math assessment and adaptive learning program from McGraw-Hill that helps students review and master the skills needed to meet critical mathematical benchmarks and standards. Using adaptive questioning, ALEKS identifies which math concepts a student knows and doesn’t know. Then, through individualized instruction, each student is provided with a personalized learning pathway that focuses on the exact topics they are most ready to learn, allowing ALEKS to effectively target any unfinished learning while minimizing frustration, accelerating momentum, and building confidence.

Grades: 3-12

Class type: Self-guided and live lessons

Bonus: Cue Think

Funded by The National Science Foundation, CueThink is a platform focused improving critical thinking skills and math collaboration for students (and it's free for students). Their system ensures math problem-solving skills build on each other, and nurtures mathematical discourse. The CueThink Problem Bank contains hundreds of rich and challenging tasks. A 4-phase approach of Understand, Plan, Solve and Review helps students slow down and explain their thinking. Fellow students can discuss each other's work and the teacher evaluates work using a rubric.

Grades: K-12

Class type: Self-guided tasks

Try the best online math courses for kids

The latest results of an international exam given to teenagers ranked the USA ninth in reading and 31st in math literacy out of 79 countries and economies. America has a smaller-than-average share of top-performing math students, and scores have essentially been flat for two decades. Get started today with your favorite math course!

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