The Girl Scouts have embraced the future by introducing Brownie computer science badges such as coding for good, think like a computer expert, programming robots, STEM career exploration, and space science. These badges, more than just fabric emblems to be sewn onto a vest, represent a commitment to empowering young girls with the skills and confidence to thrive in the digital age. From creating algorithms to designing games, these badges serve as a beacon, signaling the Girl Scouts' dedication to bridging the gender gap in STEM fields and ensuring their members are well-equipped to navigate a tech-driven world.

Here at the award-winning K-12 computer science education platform Create & Learn, we're thrilled to partner with any Girl Scouts of the USA troops to encourage more girls to learn coding and get a head start in computer science! Our live online, expert-led classes with curriculum designed by Google, Stanford and MIT experts, make earning technology badges for Girls Scouts of America fun and exciting. Request classes anytime for your troop and learn more by emailing - your first session is free!

Supported STEM Badges for Brownie 1

Create & Learn's program can equip your Brownie troop (level 1) to earn their Coding for Good and Cybersecurity badges. To achieve Coding Basics, Digital Game Design, and App Development, girls will enjoy building animations and games in Scratch, and building a question and answer help mobile app.

Supported STEM Badges for Brownie 2

Create & Learn's program can equip your Brownie troop (level 2) to earn their Computer Expert, Programming Robots, Cybersecurity, Think Like a Programmer, STEM Career Exploration, and Space Science Adventurer badges. Girls will enjoy learning about NASA, mastering internet safety, conquering virtual challenges with robots, and much more.

Brownie Girl Scouts STEM Badges Classes

Classes run for 75 minutes to 2 hours depending on the specific badges your troop would like to earn, for a group of 5 students. If you have more students (maximum of 10), classes run slightly longer so all of your students can have time to finish their projects. Classes cost $60 per hour for up to 5 students and $5/hour for each additional student. So, for example, if you have 10 students your classes will be $85 per hour. Request classes anytime for your troop by emailing - your first session is free!

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