The Minecraft 1.19 update is wild! It features many new biomes, complex mobs, and an interesting family of blocks. This blog will dive into the ins and outs of sculk blocks and how you can use Sculk Sensors with Redstone.

What Are Sculk Blocks?

Sculk blocks in Minecraft

Sculk blocks are interactive blocks that collect information from the world around them! They come in many different shapes and sizes, but they all connect back to the Warden (a powerful Minecraft mob). They feed off of the energy of movement, and mob deaths. Sculk blocks are a very complex system and each block has a different goal or usage.

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Where to Find Sculk Blocks And How to Get Them

Sculk blocks can be located far underground in the Deep Dark biome. This biome is found in the overworld and is most commonly spawned in the - Y level. When you find the Deep Dark biome you can mine the different Sculk blocks using a silk touch pickaxe, or hoe!

Sculk Blocks located in Minecraft
(Photo Credit: diamondlobby)

Each Sculk Block Explained:

1. Sculk:

Sculk is the dirt of the deep dark biome. It is an abundant block that can be distinguished by the classic dark blues and lighter colored specks. It would be classified as a decorative block as it does not provide any functionality in the deep dark biome. The best part about them is that they drop XP when mined!


2. Sculk Veins:

Sculk veins are more of a decorative element rather than a block. It is the least worrisome block out of the sculk family as it has no interactive elements. It could be compared to vines as it will grow on top of blocks and spread in the deep dark biome.

Sculk veins

3. Sculk Catalysts:

The sculk catalyst is one of the most important blocks in the deep dark biome. It creates sculk blocks and sculk veins in an instant. This “sculk spread” is triggered when a mob dies within its vicinity. There’s a small chance that a sensor or shrieker will spawn so stay safe!

Sculk catalyst

4. Sculk Shriekers:

The Shrieker is the most terrifying block in the sculk family. The shrieker voices a loud screaming sound when it is interacted with. These interactions occur when you step on a block and a sculk sensor(explained next) activates. After activating the shrieker three times the Warden will spawn. Steer clear of shriekers.

Sculk shrieker

5. Sculk Sensors:

Sculk sensors are one of the best blocks in the bunch. If vibration is made within 8-9 blocks of the sensor it will emit a Redstone pulse. This can be used to make some absolutely fantastic Redstone contraptions but can be deadly in the Deep Dark biome.

Sculk sensor

Can You Use Sculk Sensors With Redstone?

Yes, it omits a Redstone pulse when a vibration is felt so of course! The sculk sensor’s vibration capabilities allow you to create awesome wireless Redstone creations. The addition of sculk sensors with Redstone brings a whole new level to Redstone that was never before seen.

Sculk sensors
(Photo Credit: Minecraft Reddit)

This is a helpful tutorial by wattles on the complexities of Sculk Sensors and how they function:

Awesome Sculk Redstone Ideas

The possibilities for Sculk Redstone are endless. This list compiles some of the coolest Sculk Redstone contraptions that are sure to give you some ideas for your Minecraft world!

1. Automatic Ambient Lighting Hallway

Sheesh, the Automatic ambient lighting hallway is a mouthful. Despite the fancy name, it is the perfect project for someone starting out with Redstone and Sculk sensors. All this contraption needs is wool, Redstone lamps, and sculk sensors. This hallway will light up as you run through it and dim down as you exit. It is incredibly satisfying and looks super-advanced without an advanced Redstone machine behind it.

2. The Secret Entrance

Have you ever wanted a secret room that no one can enter but you? If so this contraption is the one for you. It uses a piston door combined with a Redstone sound filter to create a door that can only be opened when special sounds occur. By attaching a sculk sensor, and a lectern(and setting a book to certain pages) you can filter out sounds! The tutorial below explains how to achieve these awesome sound filtering techniques using Sculk and Redstone.

3. Automatic Defense System

If you play multiplayer servers we are sure you have had your home ransacked and damaged. This contraption uses Sculk Sensors and some Redstone magic to drop TNT down on unsuspecting victims who try and enter your home. This is fairly small, but you can try making it on a larger scale with different traps and explosions.

Sculk Blocks in Minecraft

Now you know the basics of the Sculk Block family, how to find them, and how to use sculk with Redstone! Up next, learn more about the ins and outs of Redstone with a Redstone Dust Guide. To dive into more Redstone Minecraft creation, join our live, expert-led, online Minecraft Redstone Engineering class that is made specifically for kids! You can also try out our other incredible Minecraft Camps - all led by an expert and designed by professionals from Google, MIT, and Stanford.

Written by Create & Learn instructor Gabrielle Cindric. Gabrielle is a Computer Science student by day and a STEM instructor by night. In her free time, she enjoys playing video games and hanging out with her poodle Bailey and cat Asphalt.