Explore a selection of amazing Mission to Mars e-books published by Create & Learn students.

  1. Mars Explorer by Anya Kanodia
  2. Mission Ares by Ishaan Kalluri, Siddharth Vikfram
  3. Journey to Mars by Barry Komsky
  4. Breakthrough to Mars by Amelia Wu
  5. Echoes on the Red Horizon by Anastasia Spiehler
  6. The Journey to Mars: Beyond Earthly Limits by Alex Castilblanco
  7. Martian Frontiers by Nicholas Leva & Jonah Bender
  8. Northern Constellation: Canada's Mission to Titan by August Wohlgemuth 

The Mission to Mars is a fun and challenging creative writing course taught by space educator Bruce Callow, which invites young space pioneers / authors to assemble an international team of astronauts and write the story of the first human landing on Mars or Titan. Steady technological progress by NASA, SpaceX and others is giving the international space community growing confidence about a human landing on Mars in the not so distant future. Titan is an attractive objective after Mars.

Using a 10 chapter guide, students use their technical, artistic and imaginative skills to create the story of the first crewed mission to Mars or Titan, and in the process become authors of an exciting new new e-book!

Enrollment is limited to one or two authors per session. The book is developed over eight weekly classes with some work being done by the authors on their own. Authors provide illustrations and graphics to accompany the chapters as well as designing the book cover.

Being a published author is an important confidence builder and can be an important detail to include in a resume. Some families have the books printed to use as special family gifts or to display on the coffee table.

Class schedules are set up at the convenience of parents. Learn more here.