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Kids' Coding Corner

Fun projects and resources for kids and teens to learn coding

UX Design Bootcamp for Kids

Explore a curated selection of UX Design Bootcamps for kids, each offering a unique approach to cultivating design thinking and empowering the next generation of UX designers. Discover the boundless possibilities that await your student in the captivating world of UX design!

ChatGPT Classes for Kids and Students

With ChatGPT passing Google interviews and law, medical, and business school exams, there are huge opportunities for kids to use ChatGPT. Explore the wide array of captivating ChatGPT classes designed to ignite your child's curiosity and expand their horizons!

Coding Camp for Kids

Looking for a coding camp for kids? Look no further! Today we'll reveal 10 different highly-rated coding camp for kids options, each with its own unique approach and benefits, to ensure your K-12 student has fun and learns programming and tech skills.