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While You Teach Our Children, We Want to Help with Yours

A few weeks ago, when millions of kids turned into homeschoolers overnight, many parents found out almost immediately that this teacher job is much harder than we thought :). Some cried, most gained renewed respect and appreciation for the hard work teachers put in day in and day out.

As an appreciation of all the teachers out there, we are pleased to announce our Cheers for K12 program to offer 250 online camp classes free for K12 school teachers' families. If you are a K12 teacher, sign up today

CheersForK12 Program Details

CheersForK12 program offers 250 Camp Classes free to K12 school teachers' own children. If you are a K12 school teacher in the US, you're likely eligible for the program. Just go through the simple steps below to receive your free class.

How to Receive the Free Class

Here are the 3 simple steps to get your free class:

  1. Sign up for a Create & Learn account
  2. Verify your teacher status by completing this form
  3. After you receive a confirmation email from us, check your Create & Learn account for a credit to register for a free camp
About Create and Learn
About Create & Learn

Create & Learn is based in Silicon Valley and was founded by industry experts who previously worked at companies like Google and Apple, and are graduates of Stanford University. Our mission is to teach students in grades K-12 state-of-the-art computer technologies.

Our classes cover a broad range of computer science topics such as coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics. We also place a strong focus on creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills.

All of our classes run live online via video conferencing and are led by experienced teachers. Each Camp Class includes 4 one hour-long sessions and meets 2-3 sessions per week. There are only up to 4 students in each Camp Class. There are multiple camps starting every week throughout the week.

Teachers have always been a very important part of Create & Learn. For every enthusiastic young coder that keeps learning, there are great teachers that guide their way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many free camp classes are available?

A: We are offering a total of 250 camp classes, a combined value of over $30,000. We understand the demands are likely much higher. These classes are taught by experienced teachers live online with only up to 4 students per class. We also offer free introductions in coding, AI, and Data Science, as well as free Open Classes led by industry experts. They are always free and are open to everyone.

Q: How many free classes can I register?

A: Each teacher’s family may register up to 2 camps for free. If you have two children, you may sign up for 1 class per child or 2 classes for one child. Only your own children are eligible. Please do not include children of any relatives or friends. We would like to have as many K12 teachers directly benefit from the program as possible.

Q: Do I have to be a public school teacher to qualify?

A: Both public school and public charter school full-time teachers qualify. It must be an accredited K12 school.

Q: How is this different from other free classes Create & Learn offers?

A: At Create & Learn, we offer free small group live introduction classes every day on a range of subjects such as Scratch coding, Python coding, AI, and Data Science. They help students get started on learning these subjects. We also offer free live Open Classes periodically which are led by industry experts and have hundreds of students each time. The Camp Classes go deeper and help students master the subjects. There are only 4 students in each Camp Class.

Q: As a public school teacher, can I use this free camp offering for my own classroom? In other words, can YOU all teach my students?

A: We do offer a school pilot program, providing one free course for up to 24 students. Please indicate your interest here.

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