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Rachana Nadella-Somayajula

Hello, Until 2017, I was a Big Data Scientist driving analytics and insights before I quit to work with children full time. Now, I work with in K-12 teaching them Computer Science concepts along with real life applications of Robotics and Coding. What is fascinating with children is that I see instant engagement when it's time to create code. They see that their work has a direct connection to their daily lives, because they can create and share the games they play. And in the future, they are also getting ready to take on 21st Century jobs like game developers, graphic designers, coders and data scientists. In the end, I believe that our children are not just their GPAs. That's why I love to impart the importance of both independent thought and the spirit of teamwork in them through skills like communication, critical thinking and collaboration. Fun side note, my name Rachana means "Creation" in Sanskrit. Thank you.