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Serving Students Inspired To Excel in STEM

STEM Academy has been serving students who are inspired to excel in STEM in San Francisco Silicon Valley since 2013.

Students have won many competition in recent years. In 2020 alone,

  • team placed 2nd in US national team competition qualifying round (USMCA) and 3rd in final
  • 3 students got into MOP this year alone (US training camp for IMO) and placed 1st and 2nd in their group in MOP
  • 1 USAMO Honorable Mention, 1 USAJMO winner, 1 USAJMO Honorable Mention
  • 9 USAMO/USAJMO qualifiers (just over 400 worldwide students qualify)
  • Close to 30 students qualify for AIME (5000 total worldwide)
  • Dominate local and regional math competitions from elementary to high school
Accelerated Math Through Problem Solving - Part I
Accelerated Math Through Problem Solving - Review