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Say Cheese! Introduction to Digital Photography

Grades 2-4

It's estimated that in 2020 over 1,436,300,000,000 photos will be captured, and nearly 90% of them will be captured with a mobile device. Cameras are an important part of the way that we communicate and experience the world today. In this class, students will learn some of the basics to make their photos more meaningful and valuable. Come create powerful images and learn digital photography with other students in an inquiry-based, photo workshop. Students will explore how a camera works, and what goes into making a great image. As well as explore how humans have been using images to communicate over thousands of years!

Discovering AI

Grades 2-3

Artificial intelligence is everywhere around us and is shapes a lot of the decisions we make every day. It is both fun to learn about and also important to understand how it is present in our everyday lives! Take the plunge into the fascinating world of AI with this course, which will help your student explore various topics in the field of AI. Best of all, they will get to discover AI with hands-on activities and by training their very own AI models!

AI Explorers 1

Grades 4-6

This is the first class in our fun and engaging series that introduces students to the world of AI. Students will start to learn the key concepts of AI, and moreover, get first-hand experience with cutting-edge AI applications for image recognition, chatbots, machine learning, and more, all in an age-appropriate way. We also build a small imagine recognition program in the class. With our small class size, world-class curriculum, and team projects, kids will also enjoy ample opportunities to exercise their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills.

AI Explorers 2

Grades 4-7

This is a continuation of our AI Explorers 1 class, perfect for students ready to explore more areas of AI. For example, we discover how humans and AI can work together, and how AI is able to win over human masters in games. Plus we build a small AI system that plays games! We will also go deeper into AI and robotics, and introduce deeper AI technical concepts. As always, this class features plenty of hands-on experiences, creativity, and fun.

AI Explorers 3

Grades 5-7

This is the last of our AI Explorers series of classes, where we will build on what we learned in previous classes and go deeper into how AI systems are built. In this lesson, we will examine and develop a deeper understanding of Neural networks and dimensionality. The hands-on activities will allow your child to interact with the latest AI systems, build their understanding of AI, and open up their imagination when it comes to how AI can be applied in different aspects of lives. We will also take a look at the social implications created by AI.

Data Superpower - Introduction ($5)

Grades 4-6

Does data science sound dry and scary, like math? Fear not. This introduction class will show your kids that they are already data experts. And that data science is full of fun and interesting insights that are fascinating to uncover! Similar to our regular classes, our trial classes have limited spots, so your student will enjoy lots of instructor interaction, while also have fun and learning.

Data Superpower 1

Grades 4-6

In the first class of our data science series, we introduce students to the dynamic and fascinating world of data and data science. Via their favorite topics such as sports, families, and games, students will learn core concepts in data science and come to realize the inner power they already have regarding data. They will also see the world with more depth than ever before. Data science is one of the best ways to gain critical thinking skills and creativity!

Data Superpower 2 (Storytelling with Data)

Grades 4-7

Armed with the core data science concepts learned in Superpower 1, students will explore a range of fun topics such as movies and travel, and find out how to tell the best stories with data. Kids will also learn a variety of tools to help them express their ideas in creative ways, while gaining more fundamental knowledge of data science.

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