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Grades 2-3

Learn the basics of coding, AI, and Robotic using Scratch, Vex VR, and Microbit. Discover how computers power our daily life.

Beginner to Advanced Classes for Grades 2-3

Start with foundation classes, choose intermediate classes based on interests, complete advanced classes for ambitious learners.

  • Scratch Ninja 1 thumbnail
    Scratch Ninja 1

    This class uses Scratch, a coding platform developed by MIT, as a tool to teach basic computer science and coding concepts such as loop, conditional, motion, and sensing. Students will also build a new project in each session ranging from animation, games, to graphic design and storytelling. The class employs a variety of interesting topics to teach logical thinking and inspire creativity, so your kids are not only learning Scratch coding but also creating starting from day 1.

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  • Scratch Ninja 2 thumbnail
    Scratch Ninja 2

    This is Unit II of our Scratch coding course for kids. In this class, students will continue to learn important computer programming concepts such as variables, messaging, and events. Similar to Scratch Ninja 1, we will build a project in every session ranging from animations, games, to graphics design and storytelling, etc. Kids will be challenged to be creative and solve tough problems while learning the deeper computer science concepts.

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  • Junior Robotics thumbnail
    Junior Robotics

    Code your robot to move, sense, lift, and more - all in virtual worlds.

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  • Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit 1 thumbnail
    Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit 1

    Learn how to control electronic components like LED lights, speakers, and sensors, while building fun games and interactive experiments. Review foundational coding concepts such as loops and conditional statements, and learn more about variables.

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  • Hello Tech! thumbnail
    Hello Tech!

    Learn how technology shapes our work and play

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  • Scratch Ninja 3 thumbnail
    Scratch Ninja 3

    Unit 3 covers the most advanced programming concepts that Scratch has to offer such as list/array, defining your own blocks (functions), and complex interactions between different game elements. In this Advanced Scratch class, students will design and deliver projects on their own, spending significant time outside of class to complete projects successfully. The end-to-end process includes designing games in response to a users' preferences, organizing the design process into multiple steps, and structuring codes in efficient ways.

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  • Scratch Ninja 4 thumbnail
    Scratch Ninja 4

    Unit 4 is our most advanced Scratch classes for kids. The focus is on making connections across the learnings while layering additional challenges both in coding and in creativity. Student will have the option of developing a project of their own choosing. We will provide guidance during each class on their individual projects in addition to working on assigned projects. Their individual projects will also be featured on our website and shared with community (with parent permission).

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  • Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit 2 thumbnail
    Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit 2

    Build more fun games, while exploring advanced Micro:Bit features such as radio and buttons. Find out how to have two Micro:Bits message each other. Plus learn how to code functions, and even master some cool math and security concepts.

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Our Most Popular Kids Coding Classes - Scratch, Robotics, and More

Scratch Ninja

Grades 2-5
Ideal Scratch coding beginner series. Build games, stories, and animations

Junior Robotics

Grades 2-4
Code your robot to move, sense, lift, and more - all in virtual worlds.

Lights & Beats with Micro:Bit

Grades 2-3
Code lights, sensors, and even radio with this powerful little device.

Hello Tech!

Grades 2-5
Learn how technology shapes our work and play

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Get Started on Something New Today with These Intro Classes

Free Intro to Scratch Coding

  • Grades 2-5

  • In this free Scratch class, learn the basics of how to use Scratch interface live online with an awesome teacher. Enjoy programs created by other students, and work together to build a fun game of your own (for many this is the very first program they have ever built. :)).
  • 50 minutes

Best Computer Classes for Grades 2 - 3

Reviews by Parents on Facebook and Outschool

Huimin Y (parents @ outchool)
Thank you for this class. My son loved it very much and every time after class, he always excited to show me how he did his project. Very exciting!
Kerri M
Kristy is a very positive teacher with very clear expectations and steps for what my children were supposed to do. I also had a quick learner and a young learner and she was able to adjust her teaching to fit both. I'm a teacher trainer for SpEd and just saw so many great qualities in Kristy. I’d sign up for all of her classes! She made a very new experience fun and memorable - and leaving my kids wanting more. I couldn't have asked for a better class.
Liz L. (parents @ outschool)
My daughter thought this course was amazing and taught her lots of new concepts.
Parul S.
The first class gave a good overview of coding concepts to my 8 year old. Although she has done coding before but she still learnt a lot. She looks forward to more classes.