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This online physical education course introduces students to many different activities. The sessions will be led by guest hosts who are experts in their respective sport, including Olympians! The hosts will share their passion and teach the students an element of their sport that they can practice in and out of the class.

Jack Felton - Martial Arts

  • Grades 2-9
  • Come learn martial arts with Jack Felton, World Karate Champion.
  • 60 Minutes Per Session
Created by Former Tech Leaders at Google & Apple, and Stanford Graduates
Jonathan Horton, 2X Olympian Gymnast
Join fun workout routine with Jonathan Horton, a two time Olympian gymnast and American Ninja Warrior competitor and get inspired.
Our first PE session, come join the warm up and stretch, and be ready to do more.
Carolyn Qu, Dancer
Carolyn, Stanford University student & dancer. Hear her stories and learn a fun dance routine.