Remember playing with Hot Wheels growing up, building elaborate tracks to see which cars could handle each turn? Kids today are still enjoying them, but the age at which they’re switching from physical toys to tablets is dropping, and Hot Wheels is looking to get virtual to keep up. Also new to technology are MIT’s “roboats” that are able to target and latch onto each other. And up in space, the International Astronomical Union is letting the world vote for the names of stars they find. Read all about it in this week’s Tech News 4 Kids newsletter! Join our classes to learn all about the latest technologies — coding, artificial intelligence, and more.

Hot Wheels & the Race to Adapt to Tablet-Culture

(Fast Company)

Photo: Mattel

We all had them growing up: Hot Wheels. It’s actually still the number-one selling toy, but the time with which kids are playing with these toys is decreasing drastically each year, and technology is mostly to blame. However, Hot Wheels is looking to adapt to the times with virtual games, but what will this mean for its future? See what their plans are here!

Are “Roboats” the Future of Water Transportation?

(MIT News)

Courtesy of the MIT researchers

In Amsterdam, where canals flow through the city, MIT researchers are crating “roboats” that can target and latch onto each other. These studies are in efforts to use robot technology as useful, everyday tools. In fact, collecting trash out of the water is one of the abilities of the “roboats”! What’s next for the future of these boats? Find out by checking out this article here!

Find an Exoplanet & Name It

(New York Times)

IAU/L. Calçada

It’s the International Astronomical Union’s 100th birthday, and they are celebrating by letting the world name exoplanets (everything else in the sky that aren’t planets or stars). Now, it’s not just any exoplanets, and you have to find it first, but it doesn’t mean you don’t still get to say ‘finders keepers.’ So far, some really interesting names have been suggested! (Hint: Lord of the Rings.) Read all about how you can join in the search here!

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