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Greetings! This month, we have selected three articles related to children’s brain development for you. We are also excited to announce new upcoming classes, including a level 2 Data Science and AI class, starting early next year.

Brain Development — from 0 to 12.This article brought back many sweet memories when my daughter was a baby/toddler. Knowing how kids’ brains are developing behind the many adorable and amazing (occasionally frustrating :)) things makes us appreciate their childhood even more. K-9 is a critical period for brain development especially for creativity and critical thinking skills. It sets the stage for much of their future successes.

Like a Sponge podcast: The Wonder Years.This podcast covers a range of sometimes challenging topics from math, testing, to mobile devices, early adolescence, and the brain developments behind all these. Even if your kids are younger, it is very helpful to know what’s coming up and be prepared.

How the mindset work that won $4 Million Prize will shape your children’s livesA couple months ago, Professor Dweck’s revolutionary work on growth minds won the largest financial prize in education research. Read about what growth mindset really means and how to do it right (yes, it is often misinterpreted).

Create & Learn upcoming Data Science/AI sessions

We are excited to announce three new classes starting early next year — two on Level 1 Data Science and AI, the third is Level 2. And we are offering more time options. Please click here to sign up and help spread the words to your friends.