Are you ready for the summer? Summer is a great time for kids to learn new things — STEM, sports, you name it. But don’t forget to leave time for your kids so that they can simply explore and be curious. A new study shows that curiosity is a very strong indicator of students success. Speaking of curiosity, for you and your little ones, definitely check out the new amazing footage of the Boston Dynamics robots below.

We are also, for the first time, sharing our own story about how Create & Learn was started. We hope to be of help in helping your kids succeed in the future.

Is Curiosity as Good at Predicting Children’s Reading, Math Success as Self-Control? This new Study Says Yes

The famous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment over several decades found that children with stronger ability to delay gratification tended to have better life outcomes. A recent study, highlighted in this article, showed that boosting children’s natural curiosity may be equally crucial to their long-term learning. We would love to hear how you help preserve your children’s curiosity. Reply to this email to let us know.

From Google to EdTech Entrepreneur — The Start of Create & Learn

It was a beautiful late spring day in 2015, I was chatting with a friend of mine who is a professor at Stanford University and several of her students….

This is our story, told for the first time.

Getting Some Fresh Air — Atlas?

When I first saw this footage, I couldn’t stop thinking of it as a human wearing robot-like gear. I still feel that way even though I know it’s not true. Does it remind you of some Star War characters already?

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