In our classes and interactions with kids, we have always been impressed by their curiosity and eagerness to learn. Starting this month, we are including fun articles for your kids (and you :)) to learn about the STEM behind the scene in real life. Many of these articles will be related to what we teach as well. The two featured this month are “The Science of Curling” and “Towards More Peaceful Coexistence with Sharks (using AI)”.

The Science of Curling

During the Winter Olympics this year, did your children watch curling and ask questions like what makes the curling ice special or why those guys sweep in front of the stones? This article talks about the science behinds curling and explains these questions. Hope your little ones like it too.

Toward a More Peaceful (and High-Tech) Coexistence With Sharks

Many kids love sea animals, and sharks are one of their favorites. As we know, sharks are dangerous and they can hurt people and other animals. In Australia, artificial intelligence techniques are used to build shark surveillance systems that automatically identify sharks in the water. Sounds very cool, right? Check out this article to learn more.

Why Kids Need To Learn How To Forgive

Last Wednesday night, my daughter suddenly started crying badly. Finally, we found out that her friend switched a stone with her during their playdate but she didn’t want to. These little things may feel small, but they are great opportunities for kids to learn how to deal with bigger challenges in life and in this case, how to forgive. In fact, studies have shown that children who learn how to forgive also gain an edge academically.

Help with our research!

Many loving parents have asked us for tips to help nurture their kids’ interests in STEM. We decided to create a guidebook for parents with inputs from parents. Please help with your inputs and and get a big discount to our programs.

Summer Programs Announced

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