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Can’t believe we are only 1 year away from 2020. What technological advances are to come? Is it possible to have a scooter actually repair itself? What about self-driving cars, where can we find them? And is there a way to predict if a book will become a best-seller? Find out in this newsletter, and visit our TechNews4Kids website for fun and interesting tech news that inspires.

The Unbreakable Scooter

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It feels like almost overnight rentable scooters have popped up on local streets in some larger cities across the US. However, these companies have gotten major heat for putting out cheap scooters that break down too easily. What happens when an MIT-born startup, Superpedestrian, sees this problem? Well, they begin work on self-repairing scooters, of course! But how can they make that work? Find out more about the technologies being used for these fancy new scooters here.

Where to Find Self-Driving Cars

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Self-driving BMW 5 series vehicles. — Aptiv

Self-driving BMW 5 series vehicles. — Aptiv

Self-driving cars are no longer a thing of the unknown future — they are here now, and you can actually find them on the streets. There are a lot of companies working on fine-tuning their models, and building their business. Aptiv, Aurora, Cruise, Drive-ai, and more have been pairing up with companies like Uber and Lyft to test their cars. In fact, self-driving cars have been active in Las Vegas since January 2018. Interested in finding one yourself? Read this article to get all the details on cars that drive themselves.

What Makes a Book a Best-Seller?

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The average American reads about 12 books a year. But, what inspires people to choose those 12 books? There are a lot of choices — in fact, about 100,000 new titles a year— so how does someone choose which book to read? A data scientist wanted to find out, so he conducted his own study in an effort to discover if there was any kind of formula that equals a best-selling novel. Can it really be that simple? Read on to see what he discovers.

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