Create & Learn Monthly — 4 Easy Ways to Tell if a Coding Program is Right for your Kids

With summer right around the corner, we are sharing some great tips for your kids’ learning and an inspiring story.

4 Simple Ways to Tell if Your Kid’s Coding Class Will Work as Advertised

(Create & Learn)

Pictures of happy kids, shiny computers, big smiles, and enticing class descriptions … this is what you see on almost every website that advertises kids computer classes. But how do you tell if your kid will really learn? Check out these 4 simple yet effective ways to tell if a program is as good as it advertises, and some of the ways might surprise you. Read on to find out more!

Meet the 10-year-old coder grabbing the attention of Google, Microsoft and Michelle Obama


Samaira Mehta: CNBC

Samaira Mehta is changing the coding game, and she’s only 10! Mehta is founder and CEO of her own company CoderBunnyz, which is a board game that teaches players as young as 4 basic coding concepts. When she was learning to code, she noticed a gap in the education field that was much needed, and decided to create her own game. Learn all about Mehta and CoderBunnyz here!

Tips on how to talk to your children about cybersecurity


As our children grow up, it’s inevitable that technology and the internet will become part of their daily lives just as much as our own. Cybersecurity is an increasingly important issue, but when do we let our kids know of this? And what’s the best way to do it? Learn all about it here!

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