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Have you heard of computational thinking? It’s the 5th C many believe should be added as core 21st-century skills which also include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. We can’t agree more how important this skill is to succeed in the future. Also, have you ever felt the urge of helping your kids deliver a big brilliant school project? The article “dark help from parents” points out what many parents are already doing but may never realize that homework help can hurt.

The 5th ‘C’ of 21st Century Skills? Try Computational Thinking (Not Coding) The author argues that “we need computational thinking (CT) to be another core skill — or the “5th C” of 21st-century skills — that is taught to all students”. We certainly agree with that. In addition, we also believe strongly that computational thinking/computer science goes far beyond coding. And this is why we teach kids a broad set of technologies, like Data Science and AI. In fact, the fundamental tech principles are far more important than coding. Read the article to learn more about what computational thinking is and why it is so important.

The dark truth about those big homework projects: Have you had the moments of helping your kids’ homework projects? I definitely remembered them but didn’t know that they might hurt. This article explains the line between supporting and helping, which is inspiring. “What if all the other parents are doing it?”, the article gives out the answer ^_^.

How P-16 education can increase women in STEM fields: Recently, Silicon Valley has recognized more and more the importance of bringing more women to engineering fields. As a woman in high-tech, I feel that we won’t be successful if not enough girls are interested in engineering or science. As a mom of a seven-year-old girl, I very much agree with this article that more hands-on opportunities in science should be brought to younger girls in K-12 education.


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