AI tools are becoming indispensable, transforming education, making the lives of teachers easier and enriching the learning journeys of students. So today, let's uncover the fascinating ways AI tools for teachers can revolutionize your classroom!

From helping teachers learn new curriculum with AIthena to comprehensive content creation suites such as Canva's Magic Studio, the diversity of AI tools available covers tons of teaching needs. These tools not only save time by automating repetitive tasks but also by providing personalized learning experiences, fostering student engagement, and supporting differentiated instruction. So today we'll share some popular AI-powered resources for teachers.

A study from RAND Corporation revealed that as of fall 2023, 18% of K-12 teachers reported using AI for teaching, with another 15% having tried AI at least once. These tools are widely used for adapting instructional content and generating materials, significantly saving teachers' time and improving their workflow.

1. AIthena

AIthena is an AI-based teaching companion specifically designed to support computer science educators. It aids in faster teacher training on new computer science curriculum. In addition it offers creation of customized class materials and provides personalized feedback. The platform supports a diverse range of curricula and integrates easily into various teaching environments. AIthena helps teachers teach confidently and focus more on student interaction.

It is free to create an account. Teachers can get started by uploading their own curriculum or exploring current curriculum for platforms including Python,, AP College Board, and more.

2. Khanmigo

Khanmigo is an AI-powered teaching assistant from Khan Academy designed to help teachers streamline their work. It provides high-quality progress reports, classroom activities, and differentiated lesson planning tools that align with educational standards. Khanmigo also offers resources for creating rubrics, exit tickets, and student group recommendations. It can generate quick drafts for emails, grading rubrics, and in-class activities, allowing teachers to focus more on student interaction and less on prep work.

Unlike other AI tools, Khanmigo integrates seamlessly with Khan Academy's extensive resources, providing customized lesson plans, real-time progress tracking, and differentiated learning activities.

An Khanmigo account for an individual is $9.99 per month.

3. Magic School AI

Magic School AI offers a comprehensive AI platform tailored for educators to save time and reduce burnout while enhancing their skills and knowledge about AI. It provides over 60 tools to help with lesson planning, differentiating instruction, writing assessments, and IEPs. The platform integrates with Google Classroom and Microsoft tools for easy exports and ensures compliance with privacy laws like FERPA.

One of the most popular tools used by teachers today is the Email Responder. It can help teachers generate a customized professional e-mail communication in response to an email. Tools like the Behavior Intervention Suggestions and Student Work Feedback generators are highly valued for their ability to provide tailored support and feedback to students, enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience.

MagicSchool offers limited free features (60+ standards based, time saving AI tools). For unlimited usage and plus features the cost is $8.33/month or $99.96 yearly (Unlimited AI generations and ability to continue threads with Raina in tools, and 1-Click exports to popular LMS like Google & Microsoft.)

4. Canva's Magic Studio

Canva offers a suite of AI tools under Magic Studio, specifically designed to aid educators in creating and delivering educational content more efficiently. These tools include Magic Write, which helps generate text from prompts for lesson plans, presentations, and other materials. Magic Design and Magic Switch assist in creating visually consistent content and converting designs into different formats and languages. Additionally, Magic Media and Magic Animate enhance presentations with engaging animations and media, while Magic Eraser and Magic Edit allow for quick image adjustments.

Teachers can use these AI tools to streamline lesson planning by quickly generating comprehensive materials that include text, images, and interactive elements. The tools also facilitate the creation of assessments and engaging presentations that capture students' attention. For personalized learning, Magic Switch allows materials to be adapted into various languages and formats, ensuring accessibility for all students.

Canva offers a free version with basic AI tool access, suitable for occasional use, and a Pro subscription for $14.99 per month or $119.99 per year, providing unlimited access to all AI features and additional resources.

5. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, offers a range of features that can significantly enhance the teaching experience for educators. It serves as a versatile assistant capable of generating lesson plans, creating engaging learning activities, and providing detailed explanations on various subjects. Teachers can leverage ChatGPT to develop quizzes, write reports, and draft communications, saving valuable time and effort.

One of the key benefits of ChatGPT is its ability to provide personalized tutoring and instant feedback. For instance, it can help explain complex topics in simpler terms, answer student questions in real-time, and offer alternative explanations to cater to different learning styles​.

The basic version of ChatGPT is available for free, providing access to GPT-3.5. Priced at $20 per month, the Plus subscription provides access to GPT-4, faster response times, and priority access during peak usage times.

The benefits of AI tools in education are substantial. According to the World Economic Forum, AI can help teachers reallocate 20-30% of their time from administrative tasks to activities that support student learning. This increased efficiency allows educators to focus more on personalized instruction and fostering deeper student engagement​​. Moreover, AI tools like Quizizz, Canva's Magic Studio, and Got Feedback provide tailored feedback, engaging lessons, and comprehensive content creation capabilities, making teaching more effective and enjoyable. Ultimately, AI tools can enhance the overall educational experience for both teachers and students. Learn more about AI for kids.

Up next, explore ChatGPT education resources and coding resources for teachers.